From Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto
Alignment Friendly, Wise, Mildly Hedonistic
Race Orc
Gender Male
Location On top of Bo's Stone Circle marker
Known Kinks
Requires Patch
Created By Hogswild
Core Game Yes

Bo is the shaman apprentice of shaman Tharun, and helped prepare the ritual the player joined to defeat Kurtar.


Before the Ritual

Bo is the student of shaman Tharun of the Southern Wind tribe, currently "taking the last steps" in his apprenticeship. When the shamans sensed the impending return of Kurtar, Tharun arranged a bonfire ritual of select volunteer orcs to enter the Outback and defeat Kurtar. Initially, Bo was intended to merely assist his teacher in preparing the ritual and was not told all of its details, but wanting to expand his knowledge on his journey to professional shamanism, and unable to resist the tempting carnality of the ritual's proceedings (as well as at the encouragement of Tharun himself), he joined the party and was brought into the Outback with the proper members.

The Ritual

Now in the Outback, Bo stands upon the rune rock of his stone circle. Because he is not a part of the ritual the same way the player and the other NPCs are, his connection to the Outback is imperfect and inequal - unlike them, time does not pass for Bo, and his Outback is in eternal daylight. However, he has retained his memories of the waking world.

When he encounters the player, he knows the general and varied purposes of bonfire rituals, but was not told the purpose of the player's ritual. He advises them to observe the constellations in the Stargazing Circle with help from Durian, as whatever night this instance of the Outback lies under will tell them this rituals' purpose. Upon learning of the constellation and fusing with the player,, he explains this rituals' purpose is to prevent Kurtar from returning and to defeat him.


As a shaman's apprentice, Bo is well-versed in orcish mystical practices, and has extensive knowledge on magical beings, such as genies, and magical herbs and their properties. After fusing with the player, he is able to sense that he has fused with Celik and Oriol already, recognizing their auras.

He is rather fond of hallucinogenics in particular, even stating that after getting close to Kurtar during his fusion with the player, he will only take a short break from using them.


  • In previous versions of the game, Bo had dialogue upon being Cursed, where he recognized its source being a genie and chastising the player for being so trusting of it.
    • With the implementation of the new Outback, this dialogue is currently inaccessible.
  • Bo describes himself as an "Earth elemental", meaning his magical affinity lies with the element of Earth. As such, he is unversed in the ways of stargazing the way Durian is. He is the creator of the Earth Elementals that guide the player to mission objectives.