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</image> <group> <header>Profile</header> <label>Species</label> <label>Gender</label> <label>Age</label> <label>Height</label> <label>Weight</label> <label>Body Build</label> <label>Body Hair</label> <label>Penis Size</label> <label>Sexual Orientation</label> </group> <group> <header>Metadata</header> <label>Kinks</label> <label>Creator</label> <label>Current Version</label> <label>Core Game</label> </group> </infobox> Cedric is one of the NPCs in The Demonic Contract story mod pack.


Cedric, a human, is Kayden's gym coach. Kayden has a huge crush on Cedric as Kayden finds tall, muscular and handsome mature men very attractive, but stops short at making advances on him as Cedric is a straight married man with a son. Kayden frequently fantasizes about having sex with Cedric in the gym ever since he saw his coach at the locker room wearing nothing but a pair of tight jockstraps that barely contains his big package.

With Mazrad's Demonic Illusion Magic, Kayden confronts Cedric's illusion in various sexually charged scenarios that allow Kayden to play out his sexual fantasies about his gym coach.

Personality and Kinks

Cedric's illusion behaves consistently with his personality in real life. While Cedric's illusion vehemently claims to be straight, his ambiguous behavior and reactions towards the orcs of the Verdant Sun Orc Clan causes Kayden to suspect that he is sexually attracted to men too.


"It's just a harmless man-crush alright?!" {{#if:|― {{{2}}}{{#if:|[[{{{3}}}|[source]]]}}}}