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This page contains the changelog for each major patch on Patreon.


Major Version Date Released Patches Description
0.66.X November 1, 2023 Initial release Custom NPCs (non player characters) either randomly generated or created with the NPC editor can now be loaded during online sessions, and will perform just as they do offline (with some limitations). You can load randomly generated NPCs by stepping on a sigil that's on the Summoning Terrace, which is a new small location created for the purpose of bringing these into the game; a bit of story content will gate you into spawning them.

You may also spawn premade .bab NPCs by using the spawnbab charname console command on any other scene. Right now, all NPCs will allow you to access their inventories and use them as convenient vaults. You can also curse them and fill them to the brim with scripts and plenty of love.

Other changes include:

  • Inventory UI has been updated in order to allow multiple inventories open, and possibility to move items from one character to another during online sessions.
  • Permissions between players online now also allow them to access eachother's inventories with multiple levels of privilege for item usage, which can be adjusted by clicking on a player's callcard item (under their social card that's saved on your inventory).
  • VR has been brought back to the Windows version via implementation of OpenXR in place of SteamVR: input might not work on every setup, so please let me know if this is the case for you.
  • Fixed placement of some UI windows and menues (such as the character editor) that were still affected by the recent UI scaling adjustments for obscenely large resolutions.

This one might require some patching, so feel free to wait for day one or two recompiles...

  • Fixed issue regarding the summoning terrace not working AT ALL when switching from dev asset mode to compiled/release mode. By extension this also affected the dialogues of characters being spawned.
  • Consent right click menu entry replaced with a privileges entry, which brings up more options about the character being pointed.
  • Fixed hyperpeen buff online.
  • Fixed feditbod console command regression for bringing up the character editor while in-game.
  • Fixed inventory issues regarding offline custom NPCs
  • Fixed portal issues online.
  • Fixed travel command online.
  • Added cowboy hat item.
  • Nipple color option added.
  • Fixed a bug where online players would get stuck on certain cutscene animations.
0.65.X August 18, 2023 Initial release
  • Added powerbottom interactive pose.
  • Added new hotdogging gimmick to standing doggy and powerbottom poses. Characters won't stick it immediately in and must play with the depth sliders in order to go fully in.
  • Walk-run can now be a toggle instead of a constant keypress. Check the in-game options in order to enable it.
  • UI now scales up on larger resolutions. Multiple UI elements have been tweaked to go with this change, so there might be a couple of them that still need adjustments.
  • New items: Fur leather bracers, leather wrist bands, leather cap, wrist cuffs and a WIP cropped tee.
  • Fixed camera placement on certain cutscenes that appeared too zoomed in.
  • Re-serialized persistent online data into much smaller arrays.
  • Adjusted powerbot poses a bit for the varying character sizes.
  • Fixed issues regarding leg positioning during doggy style.
  • Fixed scale issues on dialogue choices, character editor and main menu screen.
  • Item color copy now won't apply a black color if the paste button is clicked without having copied any item prior to that.
  • Added pirate hat item.
  • Fixed UI scale issues on scroll editor.
  • emote console command can now be used to call the emote shortcut entries in the emotes menu (Use without slash)
0.64.X June 30, 2023 Initial Release I really wanted this to be a fun update dedicated to pride month, but certain things regarding player experiences online caught me off-guard and threw a monkey wrench in the moral gear box. Let's just say that certain people should NOT be playing this game, let alone going into online mode and ruining the experience for the rest of players with their BS. The response to these events (which I will not get into detail here...) was a revisit of the game's server code in order to allow player-made report tickets, blocking and permanent banning of any problematic or undesirable player from either another client or server-wide.

Given the nature of this game and it's online feature, it is extremely important for me to provide players with a sense of security while playing out on the stage this game establishes.

  • Players can now block and unblock any other players online. This will affect every character they roll, as to prevent incognito comebacks or encounters. Blocked players simply won't be visible, will not see you, nor will they be notified about your block.
  • Reports regarding inappropriate player behavior can be sent to the server, which admins can review and execute accordingly, should any server-side ban needs to be applied.
  • gm_plist command UI received some temporary visual enhancements in order to accomodate all of the above. It is also a permanent UI for online mode now, which can be minimized. Player names appear on the top-right corner of your screen, which you may click on to expand and see more options pertaining that player.
  • Items can now have tattoos applied as custom overlays. Speak to Kult as you normally would, have him import your tattoo, then you may apply it to items using their coloring panel; the character doesn't need to display the tattoo on their skin, meaning you may disable it on your inventory and instead use it on a specific item. These also work online, though mind the bandwidth use and avoid making your character a bit too heavy on those.
  • Added two new pairs of greek style sandals.
  • Improved connection speed for all incoming players.
  • More changes to custom tattoo streaming.
  • Fixed shader error spam for even more hairstyles that used an outdated shader.
  • Smoothed body hair effect around the buttcheeks.
  • Fixed a DC+freezing during online mode.
  • Added repainted eyebrow textures.
  • Fixed memory leak issue during online data transfer of custom asset data.
  • Implemented a quick hack for users having issues with camera rotation speed while using the mouse. Enable the temporary feature by writing halincam in the console.
  • Fixed jumpy behavior on computer-controlled NPCs while they walk.
  • Networked object placement and update processes and synchronization optimized.
0.63.X May 2, 2023 Initial Release
  • Added a new standing doggy pose to expand upon the new set of "roaming" (away from a stone bed) interactive poses, for both offline fantasies and online play. Still a work in progress and needing some rigging on the hands, but should work across most sizes. Transitions are still being worked on, so the intro cutscene is far from perfect. The new pose can be found under the self-action menu.
  • Console/Scroll command ssa1 will let you use the new pose on any offline character. Have a secondary character joining them by using the also new joinsex command (remember setting your targets first!)
  • Fixed soft lock issue that would happen after talking to Eves about getting the curse form him.
  • Chob's merge rejection choice has been brought back.
  • Fixed "sank" issue on bedfap pose.
  • Fixed a serious serialization issue found on the networked code that deals with creation and handling of user-created objects during online sessions.
  • Players can no longer click on the bed while Bolt is locked up in there.
  • Fixed issue where players would not right away show up for others during an online session.
  • Fixed issue about pleasure indicators online
  • endsex command now works on new standing doggy position.
0.61.X March 31, 2023 Initial release
  • Added more story and cutscene material to the Kurtar inn encounter during Bolt's alchemy quest, which now diverts into a reinion with Kult.
  • Bathhouse now has a new layout.
  • Created new animation state machine for combat animations based on hardcoded timed events, as the unity animator was being unreliable on variable framerate scenarios.
  • Fixed some buttonclick issues on intimate and posemode UI elements. Some improvements to visuals have also been made.
  • Grip hand pose improved on floorline tease pose.
  • Improved LUA syntax checks upon script injection.
  • Consent card items moved to their own and new 'Social' inventory section.

Known issues:

  • It might be a little hard to get to the new content from previously saved characters: you will need to wipe their memory by visiting Kult and use the goel console command to give them the basic quest progression up until Bolt's first acquaintance.
  • Due to a very obscure bug, doing a complete run of every quest up until the newest story content will result on a soft-lock black screen. To avoid this for this initial version release, save your game right before you do the sample collection for Bolt and restart the game app.

Like usual, I will be providing a couple free patches after this (usually a day or two after the post), so you may want to wait for that if you would rather skip to a more stable version.

  • Fixed blackout bug right after returning to the inn from watching the recent cutscene.
  • Fixed issue where some spoiler story assets meant to stay hidden would show up during online sessions.
  • Fixed intimate pose issue in bathhouse during online play, where incoming players would not be able to communicate if two players were already busy therein.
  • Command goel now brings Bolt's acquaintance up to the point during his alchemy quest where he requests the player for a fusion sample, allowing players to skip through the whole initial dating with him.
  • Added some missing patron totems.
0.60.X February 28, 2023 Initial Release This version comes with a massive update to the underlying Unity engine, which for a very long time stayed in version 5.6.7, making a huge leap to version 2022. I tried to keep from doing this for as long as I could, but the very aged framework and lacking features were leading to issues and workarounds that I could really do without.

Right now I simply moved things over and made sure everything works and looks as intended, but I won't be surprised if this new chapter of development kicks off with a bumpy ride. If not, then I'll be very surprised.

  • New options screen featuring integrated graphics and controls settings, which removes the launch panel entirely.
  • The new Unity Input System now allows proper mapping to other kinds of peripherals, previously only partially implemented given the nature of the old input manager. Things are still janky on that front, so consider it an experimental start for that kind of support.
  • The genie Levi, although still incomplete, now has a big lore dump regarding Eve's curse and a short briefing of a forthcoming mission to purify the Outback from his brother's curse. Go visit him either clean, cursed, or leaving someone cursed in the Outback for the aforementioned story bits.

Known growing pains:

  • Due to changes in serialization, buff knowledge will need to be relearned on every character.
  • VR has unfortunately been disabled temporarily after some dev quarrel between OpenXR, Unity and Valve took place, so I'll have to gear up my Lenovo and re-study its implementation using the new libraries. Luckily, it was a pretty basic feature right now, so not much is lost; I'm confident it can be brought back easily.
  • All characters for some reason always end up appearing the hairiest. Currently trying to fix this oh so unfortunate mistake.
  • Fixed bodyhair issue.
  • Buff knowledge now automatically granted to characters saved before the engine change.
  • Fixed UI issue where the resolutions dropdown would not update after changing the resolution and reopening the options window.
  • Fixed issue where Levi's speech would become stuck while trying to preview his lore dump about Eve's curse.
  • Fixed braided beard materials.
  • Mac version recompiled to only intel64 using OpenGL in order to restore the graphics from previous versions.
  • Removed a log file spam regarding a missing shader property.
  • Throttled tattoo data streaming.
  • Added "oncum()" lua listener.
0.55.X January 31, 2023 Initial Release Habemus extra round bellies.
  • Added extra pecs, legs, belly and lats options to body shapes, and updated every item to adjust to the new shapes. Some however might still show some amount of clipping. Right now chub and belly are not properly balanced so be mindful when cranking those two to the max (... I know very well that you will) Buff runes for all these shapes are also available in the outback.
  • Fixed shoulder-traps anatomy when arms hang low, specially on very large characters.
  • Replaced the (...ugly) procedural bodyhair pattern with a carefully handpainted one, as well as adjustments to the shader in charge of rendering it. More patterns will come in the future.
  • Fixed online issue regarding foreplay started with players who may not have loaded for others.
  • Made it easier to detect and punish players eavesdropping on others via hawk vision.
  • Fixed even more issues regarding tattoo transfer (bear with me on this one... I beg you)
  • to2orcquiet now working with same consent restrictions as tp2orc
  • Fixed issue where Eves' curse would not process a 2nd round after using purify.
  • Added protocol belt item and fingerless gloves as WIPs
  • Reworked flipflops' item textures.
  • Added ability to save consent status given to other online players, stored as "calling cards" on the character's inventory.
  • Added LUA function wearsitem(itemID) which should return whether or not a specific item is being worn by the character.
  • Fixed issue where tattoos were loading from local cache as strange red textures.
  • Fixed unstuck button on gm_plist, where it was sending null data instead of the actual data required for the unstuck request.
  • Addressed issues regarding dreadlocks hairstyle going crazy.
  • Fixed hairstyle texture seam around necks.
  • Improved hawk vision denial network packets.


Major Version Date Released Patches Description
0.54.X December 31, 2022 Initial Release Last one for the year dedicated to online mode, and likely awaiting some patches. Features include:
  • Pose anywhere gimmick implemented, allowing players to point and click anywhere on a suitable surface in order to start dynamic intimate animations that were until now limited to fixed locations in game, such as stone beds, Inn bed and the shallow pool couples pose in the bath house. (To be extended to the rest of poses). Simply click on the hand icon (self action) and point on a vertical surface: a sigil will appear in yellow: stand on it until it's green, then right-click to start the animation. All of this has been tested to work online.
  • Floor-line "Tease" requires mutual consent in order to let someone else join you in that pose: make sure you do it before lying down. Your partner should then right click on you and then on the "join" entry.
  • New strapped and fully textured leather boots can be found in one of the caves near the Inn.
  • Completely changed the way tattoo data is streamed, changing their behavior to signed data torrent instead of reliable ordered streaming.
  • Teleportation to other players without prior consent is no longer possible online.
  • Intimate animations should now more accurately sync states online (no more intros being played for couples when someone enters the scene, nor seeing characters just standing in place when they are supposed to be down and busy). This however might end up looking like it still doesn't work if a player's connection can't stream its data in favorable speeds: just wait a bit for them to show up, given the case.
  • Online chat can be maximized and also have its visibility pinned for better reading.

I've also been preparing the ground for the inevitable (and nightmare-inducing) move to a newer Unity version that will hopefully do away with most issues plaguing multiplatform releases (most notoriously, the mac version), along with a long-awaited reshape of the main character model focused on fixing certain anatomical mistakes, and also allowing more appealing human-like characters that look less like crooked foot.

  • Added changelog. in-game: see it by clicking on the version number, top-left corner of the screen.
  • Chat character limit issue fixed.
  • Fixed critical server error regarding broadcast persistance of tattoo data.
  • TF trigger alchemy recipe now fixed: resulting TF triggers no longer have zero duration.
  • Consent can now be offered while lying down on a floor line.
  • Mushroom "high" effect now less likely to teleport the player if they are simply standing still.
  • Main and right mouse button clicks now mappable under new entries in the launch input panel, for those with odd mice needing to map it those two fundamental inputs to something else.
0.53.X November 30, 2022 Initial Release I've Been working some more on animated story content and wanted to do something a little different again, though this time I'm not too confident about its explicit level, so I am adding a content warning over a series of cutscenes that were in the works and might be a bit implicit in gore. I might need to modify them depending on their reception, though regardless, it still is work that I'm willing to share with you, just to keep a record of the original vision behind it.

In order to see it, continue the quest regarding the collection of fusion samples for Bolt, and go upstairs while at the Inn.

This version will stay a bit indoors while I fine tune the aforementioned details.

  • Fixed disappearing prisoner during new cutscene
  • Fixed broken Bo fusion cutscene related to dialogue tree refactoring
  • Added temporary "end" dialogue after new cutscene.
  • Addressed issue regarding ghosted online players (AKA invisible) and added a force "unstuck" button to player list (command gm_plist), should they persist to keep from spawning.
  • Given some breathing timers to tattoo streaming in order to prevent severe online session bottlenecks. Regardless, please consider to compress your tattoos/bodypaint and also combine them for a smaller and more efficient filesize.
  • Helicopter Helicopter weiner issue fixed.
  • Made things a little better for connections behind VPNs during online play.
  • Unstuck feature was not working in some cases.
  • Added a data counter to gm_plist which reveals who exactly is stuck.
0.51.X August 31, 2022 Initial release Back from vacation and with some content for the online players:
  • Combat now enabled online: Damage dealing, block, parry, dodge and spellcasting interruption. Plenty of jank right now, but it's a start.
  • Defeated folks can now be captured by right clicking on their body. Once tethered to you, captives can be either resurrected, merged via the new mass fusion mergecaptured command, or simply played with by using four scrolls. The whole thing is mostly intended to be used by an upcoming type of NPC AI.
  • New transformation animation that can be triggered via the ragtf command, after casting any transformation spell on any target. Works best on cursed targets :evilgrin:
  • Shallow pool couple pose (Bathhouse) now working online. Let one player sit on it first, then right click on them in order to join. Mutual consent obviously needed between the two players for it to work.
  • A marker will now show who the player is currently targeting for scroll casting, speech, combat or camera locking.
  • Nipple size can now be adjusted via character editor. I just realized I forgot to come up with a buff for those... darn.
  • Camera lock mode (Z-targeting, or in our case, E-targeting) can now be angled up for a better view of the surroundings while circling a specific target.
  • Sit and wait stopwatch will now restore mana after time goes by.
  • Invisible crotch glitch during clothing explosions on character ( are no longer a thing.
  • Free camera mode UI reworked, and should no longer stay up after intimate cutscenes end.
  • NPCs made before 0.50.0 will now automatically learn every buff, as to keep them working on newer versions of the game that rely on the new buff knowledge mechanic.
  • Added LUA function checks to dialogue editor conditionals, allowing NPC creators to branch their dialogues via lower level programming instead of the usual conditionals.
  • Added LUA listener onwin() and ondefeated(), which can be used on either the player or NPCs and will trigger whenever they defeat or are defeated by another character.
  • Swimming ground collision fixed.
  • Lowercase issue regarding filename loading on Linux now addressed, where it wouldn't allow loading certain NPCs downloaded via the mod manager. Likewise, "Open metafiles" and "Screenshots" entries in the options menu should now open them in their respective file explorers.

There is a lot of new stuff regarding NPC AI and genie drones, but right now it's very formless and needing cohesion via story elements, so I will spare you with those details for now. If you are curious, just let one of Eve's drones wander around the Outback, and specially close to other characters.

I've been generally exploring ragdoll implementation in order to combine them with traditional animation bits and achieve more dynamic interactive poses, as fully animating them for characters of extremely varying body types is a big obstacle at the moment.

  • Fixed genital cap on certain intimate animations.
  • Legs on doggy style were stretching out awkwardly (broken IK)
  • Shallow bathhouse pool pose was not sending usage status to incoming online players (would be seen as players simply standing there)
  • Fantasies are now properly working with mergecapture command.
  • Pressing ESC on self-action and most other solo poses caused strange hand grip states, even offline.
  • Attempt at having the F key UI (or fantasies key) no longer interfering with combat while trying to block.
  • Drone seer orbs no longer sticking to drone faces while they cast. They might still get stuck if they are attacked while blowing them, however.
  • Click-resurrection no longer happening while a captured drone is being resurrected, which would result in a strange warp across the entire scene.
  • Fixed issue regarding mods UI enabling all NPCs when opened.
  • Fixed leg jerk issue in doggy pose on very large characters.
0.50.X May 31, 2022 Initial Release This version is primarily focused on enabling combat on non playable characters by implementing AI protocols and endurance mechanics, enabling them to face against eachother in sword fighting. The intention is to use the mechanic in key encounters, such as a pending one with Mister "Lurks in the Dark".

It's currently pretty basic and non mandatory. The extended combat mode adds dodge, block/parry and kick next to the standard moveset, all available via custom keymaps and only useable while equipping a sword and enabling combat and thus avoiding disruption of normal gameplay.

Remember that combos and parry are possible by carefully timing your swings and blocks against an enemy (watch your stamina!). In order to demo this, head over to the Frozen lake and approach a flaming sword, which will trigger a small tutorial and practice session.

Buffs now have to be earned by exploring the Outback before using them on lua scripts and scrolls, and will appear on scenes as shining wells which can be spotted from a fair distance (specially at night). The idea is to extend it similarly to console commands, further gamefying these elements and turning them into exploration and completion incentives.

Some changes to the Outback are going to be visible on this run of versions, but for now nothing too big. The moon aubergines have not disappeared, they are simply somewhere else now ;)

Known issues:

Items cannot be equiped-unequipped online and will appear to flash for a brief time whenever someone tries to use them.

  • Fixes gear equipment "flashing" online for a brief moment, then disappearing.
  • Fixes aintzira sword pickup issue.
  • Item copies now stay in the character's inventory and can be stored in the vault for other characters to grab: this allows you to find the item only once and make as many copies as you wish.
  • Fixed naked Bolt issue. (Related to previous bug)
  • Buff wells now work as mana restoration points after their buff has been collected.
  • Fixed "Unknown effect" popup when touching certain buff wells.
  • Fixed issue where touching the flaming sword online would freeze all players' movements. Now the sword won't trigger any dialogue while online.
  • Brought back iguapi nose ring as a non quest item, and can be picked up like any other item in the outback.

Known issues:

  • Items won't have their colors for other players after re-equipping them online.


Major Version Date Released Patches Description
0.49.X December 26, 2021 Initial Release Finally back and ready to continue. Having multiple jobs sucks.
  • New story preview content for Aintzira and Celik, featuring a bit of a cave quest right after acquiring his sword.
  • Mana and buff-granting wisps added.
  • Online mode and server app upgraded, allowing headless and optimized CPU-usage server instances via terminal/command prompt.
  • Two new dance emotes and three new growth animations, the latter can be invoked using pulsegrow1, pulsegrow2 and pulsegrow3 and will accelerate any ongoing transformations.
  • Meios system added (limited spunk reserve, basically), with avocados, kissing and a couple items made available in order to overcome that limitation by turning mana into pearl juice (corruption, genie rings and brute bracers); the conversion has specific consequences under certain conditions, like corruption or wearing active brute bracers. Meios under 8 will not allow you to achieve a fusion.
  • Trigger chambers (Static permanent AOEs)
  • Self-suck on self-action now works online.
  • Scars now work online.
  • Right-click commands can be added via right-click menu to consenting online players (master-slave roleplayers, have at.)
  • Offline, right click commands can be added to any orc by using clickchoice customcmd console command. Usew clickchoicedel to remove them.
  • Rework of drone AI and pathfinding
  • RAM usage optimizations regarding texture cache, which could get as bad as going above 8GB when too many orcs came in and out of the scene. Yikes. As a side effect, this also fixed that bug regarding badly mapped tattoos.
  • Colliders generated for peach and lakeview trees.
  • Data flag items can now be directly edited from hidden-view-enabled inventories, useful for mod developers (and myself...)
  • Reduced flappiness on physics. Extremely low framerates will still cause some of it.

This practical hiatus allowed me to focus on writing and boarding the culmination of the story regarding the two most important characters in this project, and pretty much its main axis. I feel it's much, much closer now, and I find it hard to resist giving you spoilers.

Have a wonderful time for the remainder of this month, and a happy new year 2022. That sci-fy-like number feels so odd to write down, but it's just around the corner.

  • Fixed issue regarding mass consent console command during online play.
  • Fixed online issue regarding fusion splitting online.
  • Optimized physics culling on verlet-based character effects.
  • Added Lua listeners oncursed() and ongeniefied()
  • Server cache optimizations and reworks for character inventory and tattoo synching, after severe lag issues were found when players tried to join using large tattoos.
0.48.X June 30, 2021 Initial Release Features include:
  • An early implementation of the animation states and interfacing for basic one-handed sword combat. Aintzira's sword can be found at the frozen lake, which will let you enable combat stance by pressing Z or clicking on a small icon that appears on top of the action bar, then slash by pressing the right click button; right now it's best to stand still while doing this, as I'm still figuring out ways to let the player move while engaging. No targets available for now. I'm going to be focusing on this one and Aintzira in general for a while.
  • Geniefication now has its own cutscene, if you either completely turn or are turned (via float charming) by another character or online player.
  • Eve's curse icon now shows a dynamic evolution of your character and the effects on their original shape memories.
  • Completely refactored very old and problematic body fluids code, which kept flooding debug logs.
  • Someone really wanted some boxers for their dudes.
  • Critical "consent" Lua loopholes covered for online-mode Lua scripts.
  • Several server issues had to be patched between last version and this one, and we still seem to be having a couple more regarding VPN users. regardless, server timeout limit has been increased, so hopefully players will drop out a bit less often.
  • Several things reworked for the online mode and server application, in order to reduce bandwidth use.
  • Resculpted and retextured nails on character's fingers.
  • Fixed abysmal totem "mesh renderer auto-instance" memory leak.
0.47.X March 31, 2021 Initial Release This version introduces a new and trendy tech, among many other tweaks and fixes (and inevitably, maybe some new bugs):
  • VR support! Right now very basic and with lots of room for improvement. Other than the hardware being mandatory for this feature, you will need SteamVR installed as the interface. Not tested on anything but Windows yet. You may enable it by clicking on its respective button on the game's action bar at the bottom of the screen. While on VR, a "wrist" menu can be brought up, similar to VRchat, by pressing on the menu button on your left controller. For those without VR hardware: Don't panic! This game will always be primarily focused on standard input, and you can still play this version and future ones as usual.
  • Genie drone AI expanded, now allowing hunting genies to use teleport runes and to loose track of their prey if they run out of sight. Interaction dialogues with affected NPCs have also been added, albeit not yet flavoured (as in, varied in personality) for each of the core characters.
  • Genie "love" no longer curses other characters, but will still transform them if they are showered by it. I'll let you think of creative ways to do that.
  • Added cave shortcut between Celik's circle and the Inn.
  • New (or rather, official) floating islands at Lake Valley.
  • Teleportation runes now have an animation, and will spend mana upon use; standing near other runes while teleporting will consume less mana than teleporting from the middle of nowhere.
  • Transformations in general should now synch during multiplayer.
  • Fixes SteamVR detection freezing the game (and Steam...) when a player accidentally enables VR without actually having the hardware installed or ready.
  • Fixes some online game issues where players get randomly kicked out.
  • Fixes tooltip offset.
  • Fixes fantasizer button.
  • Fixes equipment sets on the inventory.
  • Adds an unstuck free-mana "teleport to start" button to the UI.
0.47.2 Fixes "endsex" console commands
  • Fixes critical server lag issue.
  • Couple of features (bulbuous nose style, new genie charm cinematic, sword and attack animation preview) from the upcoming version might be found in this version, but they will be logged respectively in its own article, as they will likely be more polished then.
0.46.X January 31, 2021 Initial Release
  • Preview of "charm" oral sex pose, intended for situations where the giver becomes restrained under the influence of magic. Currently intended for geniefied receivers. It can be activated on any character via the scg2 console command, or by right-clicking on any non-cursed character as a geniefied player.
  • Extra commands added to a geniefied player's right click menu.
  • Levant Tower's base texture work.
  • File assets can be imported to a character's inventory by using the "fileasset filepath" command, where the imported data will be stored with directory info relative to your game's metadata folder. The command "exasset inventorypath" can be used for the inverse. Useful for character bundles that require more than a single NPC .bab file. More info on this on the wiki and our discord!
  • New console commands npcon and npcoff can be used to activate or deactivate .bab character entries, useful in conjunction with fileasset and exasset.
  • A start.ini file can be added to the game's metadata folder, containing console commands that will be executed as soon as the game starts, for those wishing to automate certain things in-game. For a good example, try adding "menuskip" to this file ;)
  • Pressing Ctrl key while zooming with mouse wheel during sex scenes will allow adjustment of the camera lens, for those who were trying to achieve the same effect using hawkvis.
  • Default tattoo entries added to Kult's tattoo menu.
  • Eve's tattoo overlay will no longer stack up into a shiny mess.
  • Fixes item pickup bug.
  • Added lua orc script listeners onsave() and ongameexit()
  • Fixes camera on "fake" avocado pickup dialogue during Celik's quest.
  • Fixes music playing twice during Bo's fusion scene.


Major Version Date Released Patches Description
0.45.X November 30, 2020 Initial Release Been a while!

I know some of you worried over my lack of updates, so I should inform that things are going well, nothing too severe other than a couple health checks (nothing related to COVID) and a much needed creative break that did wonders to my motivation and energy.

I'm back on track and focusing on writing and adding the much requested story updates. This version features, on top of many other technojargon I'll spare you with:

  • Continued quest content (dialogues and animations) for Bolt and extra Bo and Oriol dialogue branches related to this portion of his story. The guy needs a bit of a fusion demonstration!
  • Optimizations made to the alchemy panel, regarding inventories with way too many items.
  • Reworked and reimplemented sub surface skin shader (meaty skin effect).
  • Fixed softlock issues found during Bolt's trasformation accident, mostly triggered when the player exits the Inn before finishing that particular encounter.
  • Oriol will now properly recall the player's shape.
  • Fixed many typos, punctuation and grammar errors on most dialogues.
  • Hex color codes can now be copied and pasted on color selectors.
  • Kult now offers a simple tattoo and scar import UI that removes any console need. Regardless, you may access this UI at any given time by using the tatui command.
  • No more shiny post-fusion eyes. As cool as they looked...
  • Filling condoms now requires less clicking.
  • Buffs now spend mana when casted via scrolls. Buff elixirs created via alchemy will not use any mana, as they already are more complicated to craft.
  • Lunar phases (darker nights every new moon). Torches are now available offline if things get a little too dark.
  • IMPORTANT: clicking on orcs has now been moved to the right mouse button, as to avoid unintended clicking when handling the camera or moving your character.
0.45.1 Thought I'd give you all something a little themed to toy with for the special date before a more fleshed out update. Featuring as many fixes as I could take that were reported by the community earlier on December. Some of it includes:
  • Unity version updated to a slightly newer 5.6.7f1
  • Bolt's quest teleporting player outside the inn and into the black void when hitting the stopwatch icon, after accepting to do his fusion research.
  • Attempt at fixing Bolt's linen robe looking crumpled during inn cutscenes.
  • Epic dreadlocks hairstyle no longer appearing on character editor, thus not striking the player with lightning.
  • Santa hat, simple and seasonal jumpers added to wardrove. Can be found under a sparkly tree next to the Inn portal.
  • Roar and Thumbs up gesture.
  • Online gestures menu now moved to offline pose button, which now allows you to either play any gesture on the spot, or enter pose mode.
  • Added informative text to Q quick action menu while it's empty.
  • Curse tendril/tentacle effect should no longer be on by default.

Have a good one tonight, as hard and even unadviced as it is to gather with those you love, don't do anything stupid and be safe; wear a mask!

0.44.X July 31, 2020 Initial release A huge attempt at optimization, addressing mostly the inner workings of the console and other highly iterating things like buffs and item management. In short, bad coding habits that piled up over time into a mess that was too hard to ignore, too hard to live with.

The list of more tangible features include:

  • Separate hair colors for different body parts.
  • New pauldron set, leather sandals and burrowball cap. All can be found around the Outback, but you may use the console command 'itemlist' and 'give index' to quickly obtain them.
  • Ability to save outfits to the inventory. Clicking on their icon shows a preview, and allows you to assign any desired name.
  • Inventory drag and drop item deletion.
  • Improvements to skin-hair texture transition.
  • Leather material gloss now adjustable via item coloring panel.
  • Added clouds to the outback: enabled via options > graphics menu
  • Improved swimming mechanics and animation.
  • More fixes to slim shape fap animation.
  • Condom filling now requires less clicks, maintaining their slow fill rate while the character is idle.
  • Full genification now has a chance to be completely halted by wearing anything that won't allow your meat to flail around and accidentally arouse your character.
  • Profiles menu now allows mousewheel scrolling.
  • Nose piercings no longer sinking on iguapi facial structure.
  • Levant bridge texture work.
  • LUA listeners added for scene loading and scene activation (More information about this soon available on the wiki)
  • Netbench application now allows multiple and selectable game versions to connect with eachother.
0.44.2 Day 1 fix featuring some improvements to issues found on 0.44.0:
  • Fixed issues reconnecting to a session using the stopwatch icon
  • Sun glasses no longer add a screen "TV" by default and can be enabled on the inventory.
  • Fixed scene change listeners
  • Corrected burrowball cap blendshapes for large guys
  • Corrected tooltip errors on character editor
  • Z-fighting errors on cloud layer.
  • Fixed issues reconnecting to a session using the stopwatch icon, the sequel.
  • Genies no longer twirl when entering a session
  • Scrolls now automatically target the caster before executing, since most people were forgetting to set targets on their scrolls.
  • Horns fixed for slim shapes.
  • Camera won't rotate while dragging items from the inventory.
  • Accurate effect inventory display of consummable items.
0.43.0 July 4, 2020 Initial Release Taking some time now to fix many things that broke or were neglected along the way, as well as preparing a new public release.
  • Inventory items and scrolls can be assigned to any alphanumeric key on your keyboard by hovering the item and pressing the desired key. Additonally you may access a quick UI for manual casting by holding Q.
  • Online casted fusions, which can be triggered using scrolls containing the forcefusion command. Have fun playing temporarily glitchy fusion tag matches!
  • Limited PVP mode that can be toggled to either allow or disallow actions coming from other players, right now centered on filtering fusion attempts and other scroll commands that could directly affect your character.
  • Entire rework of character editor using proper Unity UI framework. The interface can now be brought up anywhere and anytime by using the feditbod console command.
  • Few more lines added to Durian's fusion aftermath, albeit needing more animation work and spelling checks.
  • Bringing back quest order, adding a bit of much needed handholding to certain areas of the game, removing elementals and smoking pipes here and there...
0.42.X June 1, 2020 Initial release Cutscene update (part 1) featuring Durian's fusion, and an encounter with certain VIPs briefly mentioned during Bo's lore exposure. Simily speak to Durian after finishing your business with Bo.

Things might look very dark on his bonfire scene: make sure to look out for flashing indicators appearing on top of the screen, once you get there.

0.41.X May 1, 2020 Initial release A small update that brings multiplayer functionality to scenes beyond the Outback, allowing connected players to travel back and forth between the different scenarios. The server application now also features reloading of the last hosted session, restoring its settings and server-side data.

Certain and dangerous console commands and orccallbacks have been filtered out for online play. Similarly, commands aoe and aoecmd are now limited to 12 meter ranges.

Known issue: Some dialogues try to execute during online mode, locking up the game. A temporary solution to this is to make sure you trigger them all at least once before going in online, which will flag them as "seen" from that point and will not trigger them again during online play.

  • Fixes most issues on neck, chest area and legs on the slim body shape. Mesh and vertex weights on the taint area of characters have also been adjusted.
  • Adds roleplay mode: changes nameplate color for those wishing to stay in-character.
  • Chat "/" commands for all the available emotes.
  • Copy and Paste buttons added to item coloring panel, for applying the same color combinations to multiple items.
0.40.X April 4, 2020 Initial Release Preview introduction to Antzira, the sixth and last key ritual character. He can be located on his respective new area, accessed through a portal much like the other satellite areas that connect to the Outback. The portal and a teleportation stone can be found on a frozen valley, uncharted south western Outback; Use Kult's waypoint in order to get there quick.

He may mention the existance of a sword, but there actually isn't one yet, so don't bother looking for it.

Certain overpowered game mechanics are now limited by a magic stat, which can be improved over time after achieving sychronized orgasms with either your offline or online orc buddies.

Remember to come by our Discord channel for immediate feedback on any issues you may have! ...Wash your hands, don't touch your face and stay home!

0.39.X February 28, 2020 Initial Release This version features the foundation to a multiplayer mode that will let you hang out and roleplay with your orc buddies in the Outback.

Its functionality relies on the typical peer to server setup, in which any user may run a dedicated server for others to join in.

By default and for a limited time, a session will be available for anyone to join: head into the cave located near the start circle and approach the first fireplace located therein. A joining UI will appear on the top left corner of your screen, displaying a "dev test" button and custom joining options; click on dev test if you wish to join the default session. Other custom sessions will require an IP address and a port, both provided by the player hosting the session.

Dedicated servers other than the default one are set up using a small and secondary application contained in the game folder called NetBench, which must be ran separately from the game. Hosting a session requires basic port forwarding and NAT setup knowledge; make sure your router ports are properly open before hosting a session.

Join our discord server for more info on ongoing multiplayer sessions and for immediate tech support on any issues you may find!

Known issues regarding the above:

  • The NetBench server application is temporarily unavailable on the Mac version due to complications arised by Gatekeeper restrictions. However, their users can still join other sessions hosted on Windows and Linux versions.
  • Text input fields for IP and port shrink down to a 1 pixel wide square when emptied.
  • Tattoos are currently not being transfered to other players.
  • Default server may go down for a few hours between 2:00 and 13:00 CET

A proper server listing will be implemented shortly after this, with the primary goal of removing any need to write IP addresses.

0.39.1 A couple of day 1 patches featuring the following changes:
  • NetBench lib relay issues for online play
  • Added more info display and kick feature to the server app
  • Added 69 position to online play

Server will now run the newest version. Anyone attempting to connect with the previous version will likely be booted out of the session.

0.39.4 Offline game:
  • Fixed: Byproduct pastes now showing on alchemy panel.
  • Fixed: Bathhouse's "Handjob" pose softlocking the player.


  • Added: Proximity roleplay chat tab that will help filtering out undesired textual noise.
  • Added: Animated Emotes menu
  • Fixed: Sex poses not synchronizing for players that join the session (where they would see previous players standing in place)
  • Fixed: Sex UI staying up after bottom quits, and other UI lockups that derive from this.
  • Fixed: Opening the mods manager while online would cause a serverwide crash on everyone connected.
  • Addresses player movement blinking issue.
0.38.X January 31, 2020 Initial Release What started as a patch for the previous version ended up growing into a full blown update that tripped over December's holidays. Here's the beef:
  • More Bolt dating: take him for a walk around the Outback, bond some more and get him to experiment on exotic transforming magic.
  • A vault cabinet can be found at the Inn, which will allow different player characters to store and share items across profiles.
  • A preview of an orc's "love" sample can be seen by left-clicking on its respective inventory item.
  • Furthermore, orc juices can be used in alchemy for specific transformation targets. TF magic can be obtained from corrupted samples and used without the side effects of Eve's gift.
  • Alchemy panel now shows more detail about items and descriptions.
  • Eve's corruption will slowly overwrite a character's original shape memory if they indulge too much into it, or keep it for too long.
  • Added blue grapefruits, which will attempt to restore a character's original form over time, provided Eve's curse hasn't already overwritten the former.
  • Bo now has a more suitable hair style (rasta bun) and face paint.
  • Two long dwarf-style beards added.
  • Some more landscape improvements made to the Outback.
  • Added a ton of console commands that aid on creating character scenarios. More info on them will be added to the Wiki.


  • Bolt needs two of each type of grapefruit (sans the blue kind) for his remedy. All can be harvested from the tree near Oriol's circle.
  • You can peek into the bedroom through a hole on the wall; click on the aperture and a prompt will show up for a dedicated camera mode.
  • You don't need to actually pick up his glasses from the floor near the end of the new quest segment
  • Use goel console command to skip through all the initial quests and get right away to Bolt's.

Known issues:

  • Some sky effects can be seen through mountains: this is a partially intended effect of the new fog implementation.
  • Bolt's linen robe is a WIP, as well as many animations featured in this new line of dialogues.
  • You can no longer feed other characters using Ctrl+click. A proper speech-trade based system is in the works for that. Unsolicited feeding is impolite anyways.
  • Bolt's quest lemons are a bit hindered by their random drop rate.
  • Mac version still suffers from Gatekeeper restrictions.


Major Version Date Released Patches Description
0.37.X November 30, 2019 Initial Release A loud and clear request that's been made too many times, and one I am now resolute to answer with topmost priority: more story content on your favorite core characters. This version features:
  • More uncorrupted Bolt dating.

Also lays the foundation for an upcoming alchemy system that's so far only missing the interface. Edible items may now appear to have slightly different duration and stacking.

0.37.1 This version adds the alchemy interface, which can be accessed through a couple of new dialogue lines added to Bolt. Alternatively, you may bring it up immediately by writing the alwin command into the F1 console.

Right now it allows for basic alchemical operations on all edible reagents found in the Outback and its satellite scenes, and mostly consists of taking buffs out of them in order to recombine them into more efficient mixes, right now generalized into Elixir items.

Reciclable By-product pastes will be generated from all the stuff you don't use after breaking those reagents down. Some of those by-products can be used to tweak the effects of your mix, later on.

This version also adds more wearable item pickup tokens around the Outback, for items that could only be equiped using the console (bdsm collar and pauldrons)

0.36.X October 31, 2019 Initial Release
  • Underground caves and a modular cave system, for either staging, shortcuts or sheltering. A sample can be found in the form of a tunnel leading down into a smex burrow, with an entrance in the start circle and a secondary exit somewhere near Bo's circle.
  • Oriol can again be invited into the bathhouse, now featuring extra dialogues and interaction once he's in there. You will need to find the bath house before that option shows up in his dialogue, similar to finding a place for Bolt. This also exposes the new implementation of dialogue choice conditionals.
  • Inventory QoL improvements on item deletion, scroll casting/editing and direct item color customization.
  • Item shaders rewritten using Amplify.
  • Z-targeting camera: lock onto characters or elementals using E, disengage with R. What will it be for? You will see it in the future.
  • AOE (Area of effect) buffs. More info on that soon on the wiki.
  • New items: Wrestling leather mask, basic pauldrons and buckler-less gloves.
  • Totems brought into the new Outback, with updated names and slightly modified visuals based on their tier.
  • Amateur (or absolute trash) camera mode, Modern Family style, for cinematic and interactive scenes. Can be found and enabled in the options menu.
  • Waypoint tracking restored: you will need to approach their respective stones in order to memorize their location. Console command alltps will grant you all of them immediately.
  • Commands dory (full reset) and goel (all basic quests completed) now work as expected.
  • New commands cbt and cbtrem for altering specific parts of the character (bones). More info on the wiki.
  • Lua script iterating processes can now be injected into characters in a similar fashion to timed macros. Furthermore, objects spawned by the player can also execute process loops. More details on the wiki, for the tinkerers out there.

Some important fixes:

  • DualShock camera rotation bug solved.
  • Genie lamp scene can be retriggered after rejecting his offer and reloading the scene.
  • Celik will no longer loose his speech after using commands like dory.

Many important changes in shader structure, such as the new cave-capable terrain and the item materials are untested and bound to cause errors; If you see anything unusual, report ASAP! Also, sorry about the lack of pumpkin.

0.36.4 This patches bugs found on 0.36.0:
  • Cave lights not properly rendering on lower graphics settings
  • (Most) clothing clipping issues on thicc characters
  • Celik's intro camera positioning
  • Lua script clearing after character removal

Mac users in OSX Catalina are reporting issues getting the game to run: Apple has recently decided to block non official Apple apps by changing some directives on Gatekeeper, OSX's security system.

In order to work around this, you will need to do a series of terminal commands explained in this article in order to enable Bonfire and any other application quarantined by this. If you still can't get it to open, I strongly suggest you set up a Windows partition on Boot Camp and use the Windows Bonfire version.


Looks like I needed to compile yet another one, fixing Lua script deletion after a character is removed from the scene.

0.35.X August 31, 2019 Initial Release Landscaping changes made to high-rising areas of the Outback.
  • Added edible mushrooms and a small mushroom valley area. The effects of the mushrooms can randomly trigger a warp-forward if you jump while under their effects. Mushrooms will stack on your inventory automatically as you travel through the mushroom valley.
  • More lines added to Bolt's "good acquaintance" dialogue branch, where you can help him find shelter. This also introduces the ability to change an NPC's spawn location to a different scene and set of coordinates using the command setchrscene scenename,x,y,z which will get a more detailed description on the wiki
  • Chob's sequence reimplemented and reworked using the bab system and a new musical theme. The scene can be triggered by walking near his totem found on the island scene.
  • Post-speech of Bo's dialogue now back in place.
  • Added a (temporary) map overlay to the map screen, and moved the map item to a more visible location.

More changes and additions were also made to the console commands and the lua wrapper; more detail on the matter will be added to the wiki.

Remember you can hold down Q in order to quickly skip through dialogues!

0.34.X July 31, 2019 Initial Release This version features:
  • Early implementation of a 69-style sex position. It will also appear as a choice in the dialogue editor. The pose can be triggered on-spot, not requiring a fixed stone slab nor a hotspot on the instance where the characters are at the moment. Right now works best with the standard "Erol" proportions and normal junk girth, though some rigging setup already exists for the larger character sizes; anything else will cause clipping for the time being. For a quick test drive, head over to the bath house and spawn some fantasies to see it in action.
  • A preview of a corrupted version of Bolt can be interacted with.
  • A new console command "hawkvis" will let you detach and control a free floating camera. Esc key will (for now) return the camera to the player.

A few details were left out for this version due to a wrong backup handling on my part; a proper implementation of Bolt and Durian, as well as more dialogue lines for Bolt will come in the following days.

0.34.1 Fixes the following issues:
  • Bathhouse "Handjob" pose "standing" bug
  • Funky legs during doggy style interaction
  • Fantasies allowing fusion and breaking the animation; fusion is disabled temporarily for that kind of character until a proper alternative is developed.
0.34.4 Yes, two free updates did come out stealthily under this one, but I kept finding errors and had to recompile a couple more times! This version summarises:
  • Bo and Durian have most of their dialogues back, and their quests are now linked.
  • New dialogue branches added to Bolt, in both clean and corrupted forms. His progress will now be remembered.
  • Eves now has a reworked interaction cycle that replaces the spiked braces with a set of dialogues where you summon him several times in order to request changes to your shape. The item you get in order to summon him is also different and more in line with the event.
  • Given the previous change, the original spiked braces have now regained their former function, as it used to be long ago (a simple non-permanent transformation, the item and the effects were patron rewards). The item is no longer related to the genie nor the curse, and can be found inside the dark inn room.
  • Added a save button to the main action bar.
  • Screenshots you take can now be accessed from the "Mods" menu.
  • Added CurseImmunity buff, which lets the character be subjected to transformation magic while keeping curse invulnerability.
  • Fixed some null errors that were halting normal game execution when certain buffs were removed from the characters.
  • Day cycle added to the island scene.
0.33.X June 30, 2019 Initial Release A quirky tinkerers version featuring:
  • Lua scripting environment and its respective wrapper. Its implementation is used within macros, allowing modders to write even more complex logic for custom mods. An example of the implementation can be tested by having synchronised sex with Bo, which will trigger his usual cutscene, now completely remade using lua. Proper documentation and samples for the wrapper will be added to the game's wiki shortly after this release.
  • Bathhouse is now on the new Outback. Now features a 2nd wing with a pool, where the usual sex scenes can be triggered on deeper water. Fantasies spawned in this scene will now have a dialogue like the ones that spawn at the Inn.
  • Water can be infused with corruption if orcs cum into it. The water will become more tainted the more they do, and any orc entering the water will catch the curse (for now it is instant). Yes, even the sea around the island can be tainted.
  • Corruption dialogues added to Celik.
  • Corruption is less contagious now: tainted non-genie orcs will only curse other orcs by having sex, while genies can still curse other orcs by simply ejaculating near them. Full genie conversion is made during sex, if the top character is one, or if the two characters are already cursed and achieve a synched orgasm.
  • Genies now get permanent nipple piercings, cock ring and ankle cuffs that can be removed after the curse is lifted.
  • Added a new mods manager in the options menu, which allows you to download custom community mods directly without needing to move files around. Normally it will let you manage local NPCs like in the old versions, with a "Refresh" button allowing you to see all the available community mods stored in the github repository. Big thanks to Shadowlost for the practical lib!
  • Durian and the stargaze circle re-added, though parts of his dialogue are still missing as his quest will be related to Bo's at some point.
  • Characters rears now bulge when something too big penetrates them.
  • Footstep sounds.
  • All fruit spawners moved to the new Outback.
  • Inn bed fixed.

Known issues:

  • Water is being reworked, and as a result, sometimes it may fail to work and you may hear water splashes here and there, or characters will start swimming in mid-air.
  • The lua implementation has not been tested in OSX and I'm panicking about it.
0.33.2 Changes include:
  • Mods manager now also fetches custom story NPCs, which by mistake was limited to kink NPCs only. You will still find plenty of "Void Outback" NPCs that have not been updated by their authors in a long time. In order to interact with those, enter the now officially isolated but still available "Void Outback" by writing "travel World1" in the game's console.
  • Added more gasps and meaty sounds to the intercourse scenes. The "quieves" can be turned off in the options menu.
  • Corrupted water will no longer beep randomly, and is no longer instantly reactive. The conversion of orcs touching the corrupted body of water will depend on how much it is tainted, and how long the orc remains in that water.
  • Exposed more variables to the lua wrapper. More info on this wiki article
0.32.X May 4, 2019 Initial Release This version includes:
  • Introducing Levi, the 2nd genie fragment. Can be found in the also new area, the Levant Tower Library. He will give you a fetch quest that rewards you with empty scrolls (and, in theory and given that you avoid using the console command window, teaches you how to write and use them). This means that scrolls can no longer be obtained at the Inn. Levi can also cure you of Eve's curse to some extent.
  • Detail added to the north-western area of the Outback (outside the central crater): points of interest include the Evening Gate trail and forest areas.
  • Eves now reveals more detail about his (and his siblings') origins. Furthermore, his dialogue lines will change if you already carry the curse upon first encounter.
  • Go to "Self action" and click on your character's face after having them grip their attributes. If he is large enough, self sucking happenis. Do it.
  • Oriol will detect if the player character changed shape since last time they encountered. If cursed by the player, he will turn into a mindless incubator, and will actively search for clean orcs to turn. This is an experimental AI test made entirely using the NPC and macro editors.
  • Genies and Ghosts are now immune to transformative buffs
  • Waypoints brought into the new Outback. Currently, and for a short time, all of them are available in the waypoints menu.
  • Adapted all of Bolt's dialogue cutscenes to his new location on the new Outback. His dialogue lines are mostly intact, however.
  • Inventory window now has a scrollbar.
  • Created some fallback shaders for people who insist on running this game on 20 year old kitchen appliances.
0.31.X March 31, 2019 Initial Release This version features a vast reorganization of core elements in the game. Original lore characters are being transitioned to the "bab" format, allowing them to share the same code and functionality, and avoiding having to maintain their hardcoded mechanics and dialogues, as it used to be. On detail:
  • Celik and Oriol converted to new format and moved over to the new Outback, with some modifications and additions made to their speech and quest lines. The rest of the characters will follow right away.
  • Kult, a new "ghost" NPC can be found somewhere in the new Outback. He will allow you to reset the game by wiping out your character's memory.
  • The old Outback is still available, should you need to gather some fruits and items that have not yet been moved over. Old micro-instances like the Inn and the Island have not yet received their portals on the new Outback, so they still need to be accessed through the old one. Lore characters will not spawn on here anymore.
  • Fusions have been reworked entirely, and now allow more than two members. The "Host" will simply take over the guest, and they will appear as items on their inventory. Right clicking on any of them will release them.
  • Console command unfusenewbyname nameofguest will remove one specific guest from your fused character, incase you need to do that from a macro or dialogue action.
  • Console command forcefusion will fuse the target orc (set using the target command) with whomever they are looking at.
  • Console command fusenew does the same as forcefusion, but will not play an animation.
  • Forced console fusions now have a different visual representation.
  • Similar to adding tattoos, you can now add bumped "scars" to your character by opening the console and typing scar filename , where filename is the name of the image (without extension) that you save to the same folder as your tattoos. Scar maps are black and white heightmaps, where the "relief" of the surface is represented by the brightness; light colored areas will "bump up" the skin and viceversa. This feature is still unfinished and may look incorrect in some areas of the character.
  • Two new hair styles are now selectable on the character editor.
  • A ceremonial helmet can be found in one of the stone circles on the new Outback.
  • BG Music added to the character creator and bonfire scenes.
  • Outback ambient music now reacts instantly to the music level set in the options screen.
  • Skin shaders and materials have been rebuilt using Amplify Shader Editor, as ShaderForge is no longer supported.
  • Added "self action" button to action bar.
  • Scrolls editor screen no longer "locks up" when pressing on some of the buttons while having a dropdown menu opened.
  • A new "transmute" dialogue action will let you exchange one type of consummable for another. It is not really a trade mechanic, though, as it creates and deletes items on the fly.

In short, many things changed and are still changing in order to have a fully working new Outback, so some things will look a little off for the time being. I recommend that any custom NPCs created for the old outback are moved over to the new one, by their respective creators.

0.31.1 Addresses the following issues with the previous release:
  • Oriol's "invisible" and "standstill" bug
  • Missing dialogue actions on Oriol's speech.
  • Long hairstyle gap
0.30.X January 31, 2019 Initial Release For this version, it is recommended that you start fresh with an all new character. The new features include:
  • Scroll inventory view and editing interface, accessible from the main toolbar. These should allow you to create or edit scrolls without needing to use the console. You can find empty scrolls on one of the tables at the tavern.
  • Added new branches of dialogue (works in progress) to Bolt. Corruption won't allow you to do a basic approach upon him (in theory. Right now you can still approach him after the dialogue closes).
  • Added a new special effect to the curse transformation process, which will be visible until the transformation reaches its goal form. It can be triggered on its own and one-shot without the genie's curse by writing "overlay Tendrils1" on the console.
  • If the game notices performance lag, a rune will appear at the bottom center of the screen. Clicking on it will allow you to ask the forces of the universe to toggle performance optimizations. Note that this rune might not appear at all, if your PC runs the game like butter.
  • Standing fap animations adapted to use the same code as other solo animations featuring the same sort of stimulation. Penis girth is still not working well with this setup however, and will cause serious clipping on oversized junk.
  • Dialogue and NPC editor now features a "jump to line" function. It will also allow you to change the parenting of any given line (if the hierarchy allows it) by using a small number input that appears on the bottom left corner of each dialogue line: input the number corresponding to the new parent and click on "Set".
  • A compass with glowing spots, located at the top of the screen, now replaces the guiding runes, which will make a comeback later on.
  • Simple shirt can now be colored through the "colorcloth R,G,B,A" console command
  • A few new conditional checks have been added to the macros/dialogues.

The scroll editing interface basically allows you to stack different lines of scroll commands one after the other, much like you would write them using recstart and recstop. Dropdowns featuring common commands are also provided, though you may just want to write them manually by adding them as "custom commands".

0.30.2 A patch addressing the following issues is now available:
  • Solved a Lock-up upon starting the game, having a genie-corrupted orc selected
  • Fixed issue regarding quest progress skipping Celik and Oriol's quest lines on newly created characters
  • Fixed character creation screen not updating skin colors after using the randomizing buttons
  • Fixed "unfuse" console command not working after the first use, and restoring an old inventory and body profile
  • Tendrils corruption effect can be enabled or disabled by clicking on the corruption indicator that appears on the left of the screen. It will still be visible when using the braces' runes, but will only show the effect once. This will affect every orc and will save like any other setting in the game.
  • Fixed "orgasm meter not showing on partner"
  • Addressed a bug that would allow corruption to spread even while wearing a condom.


Major Version Date Released Patches Description
0.24.X December 31, 2018 Initial Release This version features scroll and spell writing; a way to batch several console commands into one "scroll" item or spell that the characters can cast during gameplay.

In order to create your own scrolls using the command console, open it by pressing F1 and type your list of commands using the following formatting and order:

  • target @playername
  • recstart nameOfNewScroll
  • command 1
  • command 2
  • etc
  • recstop

recstart and recstop are key to the process; recstart will create a new scroll item on the target's inventory (set by the command target @playername) and immediately start recording any command you input on the console. Once you're done writing your commands, recstop will end the recording and save everything to that scroll item. Scrolls are casted from the inventory using a series of effects and a casting animation.

In your scroll commands, using the new @self and @selfinterest as targets (instead of @playername) will allow you to reference the caster of that very scroll upon use, as well as their own focused target character (interest).

As an example, try the following scroll:

  • target @playername
  • recstart CurseMe
  • target @self
  • curse
  • quickgrow
  • recstop

Right click on the item that now appears on your inventory and watch the magic!

A list of commands that you can use in these scrolls can be found here. Scrolls are meant to appear in game on their own later on through items and NPC interactions, so for now the console is the only way to generate them.

Other changes to this version:

  • Genie forms can now grow horns.
  • Horns allow hairstyles again.
  • Lower jaw slider now allows bigger jaw size
  • Fixed masking on some of the garments, where the body would clip through them.
  • More terrain changes made to the new Outback
  • NPCs can be instructed to fap and stop fapping with the new console command "fap" and "fapstop"
  • Merry Christmas and happy new year.
0.23.X November 30, 2018 Initial Release This version line features a preview of a much needed geographic overhaul of The Outback, where all of the events seen thus far will be gradually ported over. The old version of this zone is still active by default, and the new version can be entered via the command console line "travel Outback1", if you wish to explore it. Other changes include:
  • New fap animation, replacing the old preview "lay down" poses. Can be activated by pressing Z while the character is idle. Works similar to the stone slab and bed poses found around the island scene and the inn; clicking on your character's bits will let you change between two poses.
  • Added additional animation to Chebik's scene.
  • Genie-corrupted orcs will now "evolve" into an epic-genie form when reaching a certain level (Level 3, usually attained by corrupting your orc with the bracers all the way, or letting other orcs corrupt you), now indicated by the rune that appears on the left side of the screen.
  • @playername and @playerinterest can now be used in some of the console commands in order to execute them on the player or the orc the player is interacting with, regardless of whatever names they may have.
  • Console commands barafylite and orcifylite added in order to do the same as their barafy and orcify counterparts, but without changing hair and beard styles.
  • Console commands showdiagindex and showhiddenitems added for debugging purposes.
  • Fixed Eves' "foot lock" issue when triggering his intro scene.

The new Outback can already be used as a scenario for custom NPCs and has "sex spots" ready for them, should they get funky.

Known issues:

  • Bo's "guide rune" still missing.
  • Bo likes to disappear sometimes.
  • Iguapi coats will not show up during character creation, though they do appear once you enter the main game stages.
  • Many other things you will all likely report as you find them D:
0.22.X October 31, 2018 Initial Release This version lets you see an early version (WIP) of the cutscenes that bring closure to the Chob quest line; the part where you choose not to permanently merge with him and instead search for a new host. In order to get to it, simply do the trinkets quest and after choosing not to permamerge, try speaking to any of the other orcs around. Other changes include:
  • New and unique models and textures for the rune monoliths found in the stone circles, replacing the asset store ones. Some minor circles around the Outback will still feature the old artwork.
  • Mountain areas have been heavily optimized (again) by replacing large clusters of heavily detailed individual rocks with actual large models of rocky cliffs. The landscape topology likely changed on spots where custom NPCs once stood, so make sure you update their positions in case they now appear in odd places.

Character editor's "custom data" flags can now store commands as well as normal numbers. The commands allow you to add, substract, multiply, divide and raise a number (if the flag already exists and already has a value). This will allow you to do value increments, etc. The commands are:

  • @math +number where number is the value you will add to the existing value in the variable. Try -, * and / for the rest of mathematical operations. (^ is powerof).
  • @randint lowest,highest will save a random integer value (non decimal) between lowest and highest.
  • @randfloat lowest,highest same as above, but with decimal values.

For example, if your data flag has "@math +3", it will add 3 to the currently existing value. If the flag doesn't exist at all, it creates a new one with the value of 3.

Another feature that goes hand in hand with all of the above is the ability to check if the value of any given flag is greater, lower or not equal to another value. Before this change, you could only check if they were equal to a very specific value. To use this in your conditionals, add the following characters to your checks:

  • @>> number will return true if the flag value is greater than number
  • @<< number lesser than...
  • @>= number greater or equal than...
  • @<= number lesser or equal than...
  • @!= number not equal to...
  • @any ... pretty much always returns true regardless of the following number

For example, if you do a conditional check like "@>> 4.3" , the check will return true if the requested data flag has a value above 4.3.

It is very important that you keep spacing and formatting exactly as you see above!

What is all this for? Some nerds in the community want to make more dynamic NPCs featuring dice rolls and a richer memory, for everyone to enjoy.

0.21.X August 31, 2018 Initial Release Summer break is over and things are back on track.

This version features an animation do-over for Oriol's merge sequence, which can be triggered as you normally would for the old sequence. For those who already unlocked him, you can use the recall ring (found in one of the rooms at the Inn) to see it. Misses a few grunt effects here and there, sadly my voice is not qualified to cover that.

A few more conditionals were added to the dialogue editor, as well as fixes to their logic flow becoming stuck when combined with actions such as "quick skip".

A ton of time was invested fixing the diehard memory optimisation problems that give some of the users a hard time on middle-end machines, mostly focused on caching and recycling of assets. The best temporary solution I can give to those still having issues to disable all third party orc mods, as their loading times appear to be the worst right now. I sense this version won't give me any rest during September.

Story wise, bits of the story regarding Chob, Celik and Bolt were established and are waiting to be laid out on scripts and storyboards. I could tell you more about it right here, but I don't really want to spoil it.

0.21.1 This patch is free of charge

So.. the previous version. The one full of bugs and stuttering and crashes that were more abundant than usual? The imp copies of NPCs appearing randomly? Yeah, well... Throw it on a fire. Let us pretend it never existed.

...Save for the new Oriol fusion scene, of course! Changes mainly made to the garbage collector, in order to prevent most of the issues reported by the testers on the previous version.

0.20.X June 29, 2018 Initial Release This new version adds conditional support to the dialogues of your custom NPCs, which combined with the also new ability to set and save data flags, will allow tinkerers to create more dynamic custom quests to the game.

Conditionals (if, else, etc) can be used to branch a dialogue into different routes, depending on what your conditional requests. Say you have an Orc with a dialogue where he asks the player to give him 10 peppers; if the player has already collected them, the dialogue continues into a specific branch where you make a spicy dinner for him, otherwise defaulting to a dialogue branch where he expresses his disappointment at your lack of diligence!

Another example would be an orc that only gets busy with you if you are of specific certain "measures".

Data flags are variables that can be added or modified through a new type of dialogue action. These data flags can be used in conditional checks (for example, saving custom quest progress for your NPC).

Conditionals are used through a new type of dialogue entry, which nests derived lines under it as the other types (Text and Choice, Simple Text...) but will take the speech to any of the offspring ones, depending on their contents.

I know this is all very technical stuff; just let the tinkerers out there work their creative magic on their NPCs, which you can later download and use in the game.

Other changes:

  • Added new segments of animation to the custom fusion scene introduced on a previous version (Durian's)
  • New horn styles: longhorn, oni and filed
  • Goblinizer (transformative) buffs now have a different, more organic behavior. Their old linear behavior can still be used through a new buff of similar name.
  • Height and muscle increase and decrease buffs
  • Reworked navigational runes; old ones were causing too much lag and were hard to understand for most people.
  • Even more optimizations in order to address the severe lag caused by having too many NPCs activated.
  • Bo no longer disappears after completing Oriol's quest.
  • Fixed "Can't turn my orc after teleporting" bug.
  • The game will no longer try to load an NPC (bab) with incorrect data, which would lock up the main menu.

Known issues:

  • The guiding rune that should appear during Bo's scene is missing.
  • An orc rune may appear during the character creation screen, right on top of the character.
  • Materials will sometimes not update on some of the meshes, like the arm hair. Should this happen, press U on your keyboard to rebake them.
  • Reloading scenes will take a while, sometimes a bit too much. Will depend on the number of NPCs currently active.
0.19.X May 15, 2018 Initial Release A bit delayed, but finally here. This version includes:
  • A new custom fusion sequence that complements the "Fuse" dialogue action for custom NPCs created by the community. Durian, an NPC provided by Trencalos, will allow you to quickly preview the sequence as well as having some extra fun with him. He can be located around the Sundial Circle.
  • New baggy patchwork leather pants and a head bandana have been added to the collection of things you can wear: you can find them around the Island scene.
  • Additionally, a Recall Cock Ring can be found in the dark room at the Inn, which will allow you to replay the fusion sequences with any of the classic orcs (Celik, Oriol, Bo, etc) while worn. Now by default, the sequences will no longer play every time you get busy with them, instead only triggering the first time.
  • Characters can now save as fusions, though it is on a very early stage of testing and some things may still break. Use the console command "Unfuse" to quickly split from any merger you wish to end.
  • Item markers around the places will now display a color, allowing you to tell important items apart from consumables.

Known issues:

  • The new custom fusion sequence lacks most sound effects.
  • Oriol's cutscene "blacks out" for a while, apart from looking completely broken when it doesn't. In general, many things in the old sequences need to be reworked so that they use the new sequence frameworks that were developed for the newest encounters.
  • Some animations snap out during dialogues, and sometimes you may notice the characters "dance in place" if the dialogue is triggered while they turn around to face the player.
  • Triggering the "Unfuse" action on a fused character through a third NPC will play the "split" sequence as if it comes from you and the third NPC, and not with your former partner.
  • Newest Windows 10 update really messed things up.
0.19.1 A fix for a nasty filesize issue affecting orc and bab files is now available. Files will still be bigger than before, but much smaller than on the previous 0.19.0

In order to see the effects, you will have to resave any character or NPC that was affected by the issue. In the case of player characters, using the dory and hobo console commands (then saving) will ensure they are wiped clean of unnecessary data, while in the case of NPCs, re-importing a profile, preferably one that was cleaned as aforementioned, will do just as well.

Additionally, new console commands were added:

  • colorleather R,G,B will allow you to assign custom colors to any applicable pieces you are wearing; in the case of this command, it will change the color of the leather parts from brown to the RGB values that you specify in place of "R,G,B". For example, colorleather 255,0,0 will give the leather a strong red tint. For the other available materials, use colorcloth and colorplate. Make sure you save after applying any new colors.
  • targetclear will clear any target previously assigned with the target command.
0.19.2 Really messed up on the last one. Files were getting too big, scene change took an eternity, and memory consumption went bonkers. These are the woes you get when you get used to develop on a high end setup; you become unaware of these things and later receive a kick on your face when you test development on weaker hardware.

This patch focuses on those illnesses and a few other cosmetic oddities that piled up over months of development. The list of changes includes:

  • Oriol's fusion sequence no longer blacks out.
  • Removed redundant inventory reading upon character profile load and switch, main culprit of the long game startup and scene switch times.
  • Removed memory leak when clicking between "Profiles" and "Continue".
  • Durian and any NPC with very large and detailed tattoos were forcing save files to be enormous. Old save files will keep their big size unless you use the new "obliviate" console command, which wipes out NPC memory from the player character.
  • New console command swap orcA,orcB,duration,multiplier will swap the body shapes of the two orcs with the names provided as orcA and orcB using a transforming buff, where you can assign a duration speed and a multiplier for the strength of the effect. You may use the shortcuts @playername and @playerinterest in place of actual names in order to apply the effects to the player and any character currently interacting or in proximity to them.
  • Blendshape and occlusion issues on ponytail hairstyles are now fixed.

There is a slight chance that the game will close itself on the main menu; if this happens, please let me know immediately.

0.18.X April 3, 2018 Initial Release This new version features a small introduction to a new member of the ritual, where you get to speak through a few of the many dialogue branches that his encounter will offer in future patches. In contrast to all the previous ones, which mostly featured linear scripts and progression.

Some of the branches were disabled or left out, as I need more time to polish their structure and tone; he's not an easy one, as he requires a different, much deeper type of bonding than the other three. Other changes include the overhaul of the tattoo and body markings system, which will now work as items that you gather and apply on your character's skin. Furthermore, you can import your own! Here is how you do it:

  • Create your character as you would normally do.
  • Once in game, open up the command console (F1 key) and type "tatguide". This will open your file explorer to a location where a guide png file is created.
  • The guide, which displays a "map" of the character's skin, arranged in different body parts, can be edited using your favourite image editing program.
  • Paint your custom details on top of this guide (make sure you use a different layer in your program). Once done, delete the guide layer and save as a transparent png file with a relevant name. Keep the image dimensions the same as the original!

*I am not going to explain how to use an image editing program. These instructions assume you already have a grip on those.

Your new image can be imported in-game using the console command "tattoo filename", where "filename" is the name of your newly saved tattoo/marking. Its data will be serialized and saved into your character's inventory and will carry on with the character, so that you can keep sharing your bab and orc files as individual packages.

*Upon importing or equipping different tattoos, the game will take some time to bake them onto their skin, which causes a temporary halt. This is going to be a temporary inconvenience until it's optimised.

Worthy to mention that the game will get it's own collection of tattoos in newer versions, for those who cannot create their own. Make sure to check out what the other players create!

Aside from all this, the game now features a classic lore option on the character creator, which will let you have characters that will never encounter any "modern" item nor situation during their adventure, such as the Genie, the sun glasses, flip flops and so on.

Remember that we have a Discord channel with a very active community and support.

0.17.X February 28, 2018 Initial Release This version features a map interface, which will let you track your location by allowing you to place landmarks and points of interest on a dynamic 2D space. Maps are by default devoid of any information, and you fill them like a cartographer.

Empty maps are to be found on each different area of the game, as items that you collect. In the case of this version, only a map of The Outback is available and can be found near the tree where the Stiff Fruit spawns.

The feature will keep getting updates in order to display some automatic landmarks in the future.

Other additions and changes to this version include:

  • Totem beacon. Right now as a console command (will get its proper themed implementation later on), lets you find a patron totem of a specific name. Simply open the console (F1 key) and write "beacon name" , where name is your username on Patreon. An item will be added to your inventory, which you can right click to get a hint of how far you are from the desired totem, if it exists.
  • A simple tight T-shirt can be found in the tavern shed, which features a dynamic sweat effect. Work in progress, like most items.
  • A copy item of the genie braces can be found next to the cock ring, which lets you wear a very similar item without the transformation effects.
  • New lemon types (lime and grapefruit) to shrink different aspects of-.. to make some nice lemonade.
  • NPC editor now allows for a "tiny view" mode, when dialogues get too large and hard to navigate. Also optimized their graphic process.
  • Fixed NPC "go to location" bug where the action would not work a 2nd time.
  • Fake avocado reset issue turned into a salad that I just ate.
  • Removed a very nasty (and embarrassing) memory leak related to the reading of your location in order to trigger the "black fog" effect.

Initially wanted to feature an extension to the bath house and a new orc encounter in this version, but his dialogue was getting so branching and dynamic that it still requires some quality proof reading and animation work. Rest assured, it will be the next quick patch feature.

...yay can't wait to do a million recompiles after you find one or two things that I probably overlooked.

0.17.1 The version from yesterday came with a nasty oversight that would not allow players to get beyond Celik's quest by accidentally removing the avocados from their spawn locations.

Some icons were also not displaying during interactive scenes, and many patron totems were left out of the game on accident; the patron csv reports given by the website turned out to come without patron contributions that had been successful in the past but are no longer part of the campaign.

0.16.X January 31, 2018 Initial Release This modding-centered release features an all new NPC editor interface, which will allow players to create their own NPC orcs with their custom dialogue lines. Additionally, a command console was added, which will let you input some cheat codes.

NPC Editor

  • On the main menu, click on Mods>Character editor.
  • The NPC (Non Playable Character) editor will show up, displaying the current character profile and their location on their respective scene, on the left section of the interface. The section on the right shows a hierarchical arrangement of the interactive dialogue this character will trigger.

Character Profile View

  • For a profile, you can import any of the characters previously created and used in-game. The editor will copy their physical characteristics and attire into the new NPC, which will then be saved together with their respective dialogue.
  • Items can be created or removed for this NPC (besides the ones they came with, if they were imported).
  • A scene must be specified. By default, the editor uses "World1", which is the internal name of the Outback. By clicking on the scene button, you are taken to a list that will let you choose a different scene.
  • Likewise, you must input the exact coordinates where your custom NPC appears. In order to know these, the game now comes with a console command that lets you read them while in game as a playable character, as described in the console usage guide below. Make sure your NPC appears on the right spot!

Character Dialogue View

  • The dialogue view shows each line as nested small windows, where different settings can be made.
  • Dialogues come in two flavours: Simple and Choice. Simple will mean the line is just text and clicking it away (in game) brings you to the next line, if any exist. Choice means that the line will show both text and an array of choices under it, representing the branching dialogues that derive from it. In game, clicking on their choice brings you to their respective dialogue branch.
  • Actions can be triggered upon dialogue line entry or exit (when a dialogue line changes to the next, etc). Actions are used to setup custom things that happen during a conversation. For now, you get to trigger an interactive scene ( with your conversational partner.

Use mouse wheel or middle mouse button (pressed) to pan either of the panels into view.

Once you have created your fancy bab, saving will store the file to your local appdata, which you can easily open by clicking on the "Open File Location" voice in the main/mods menu. Feel free to share your creation with the player community!

In order to have your new NPC appearing in game, their file must be enabled under the "Mods Manager" main/mods voice.

Command Console

A no-frills command console will let you do some fancy things, get your character unstuck from some situations, or provide functionality for features that currently lack of a graphical interface. The console can be opened by pressing F1, and the commands are as follows (make sure you type them in the exact case):


  • Wipes your character's memory entirely, essentially resetting quest progress back to zero, but keeps your items and waypoints. It works best when used on scenes that are not the Outback.


  • Wipes character inventory.


  • Gives you full quest progress on all main orcs and all waypoints.


  • Saves a reference to the coordinates (XYZ) of your character on the scene. Can be pasted into the NPC editor later, as a spawn position.


  • Displays your character's coordinates.


  • Saves your progress.


  • Reloads the current scene. Can be used to unstuck the game.


  • Returns your character to their last known naturally achieved shape, in case you abused shapeshifting a bit too much.


  • Simillar to natty, but returns you to the shape your character had upon creation


  • Turns your character into an average fusion of every character you've created


  • Gives Iguapi (Gorilla) features to your character


  • Removes Genie's curse


  • Turns you into a cute little dwarf. Only then, you will see how animations really break.

target orcname

  • Will switch target character for most  (that means not all of them) of the commands above, next time you type them in. Make sure you type their name with the exact upper/lower cases.


  • Lists all these commands right on the console


  • Clears the text in the command console


  • Closes the command console

There were more commands, but they are .·º*·. a well preserved secret .·*º·.

Now onto other technical changes:

  • Fixed serialisation of dialogues
  • Profiles menu can now scroll up or down
  • Reworked slim shape
  • Improved teeth model (right now untextured)
  • More armpit hair
  • New sub surface scattering shader (experimental, causes some particle issues). Can be enabled under graphics settings
  • Moon aubergines for temporary longer (yes, even longer) dicks
  • Main menu can no longer be triggered while on character creation mode
  • Oriol can be dismissed from the bath house. No more awkward stares, as much as it suits him...
  • This time I didn't work overnight. Kind of.


Major Version Date Released Patches Description
0.15.X December 31, 2017 Initial Release Closing the year with a version that received a lot of input from the Bonfire community on Discord. You guys really are an amazing bunch!
  • This version features the works in progress of a bath house complex (right now only one room). An idea suggested by a highly intelligent satyr scientist and then largely approved by the rest of the community. The place can be found northeast of the Island portal.
  • Bath house comes with a new interactive handjob pose for two characters.
  • Oriol can now be invited to the bath house by first discovering the place, then coming back out to inform him about its whereabouts. The other NPCs will follow on a patch version.
  • Raised the limits for shaft girth (yes, some people want even bigger), as well as lowering them for other things such as testes size: gotta please both ends of the spectrum.
  • Hands can now be chunkier.
  • Asses can now be rounder.
  • "Drool totem" patron reward. Can be found on the trail that leads to the Stargaze circle, and can be placed anywhere at will, once acquired.
  • Pose mode now allows panoramic camera mode (same as on the sex poses). Press C to recenter the camera, if you go too far with it.

Now onto some of the fixes:

  • Interactive poses can no longer be triggered during foreplay, which would cause a really weird mess between the characters.
  • Orcs now properly distance themselves from one another during foreplay, giving them the necessary room to snog without spinning their heads like crazy.
  • Braided beard texture now shows the right colors.
  • Eyebrow animations have been smoothed out.
  • "Derpy" eye occurrences reduced thanks to an all new piece of code handling it.
  • Singlet-Fat clipping problems around the chest now solved
  • I haven't had sleep in 30 hours.
  • Fantasies list can now be brought up by clicking on it's buff icon on the left of the screen. F still works like before.
  • Aubergine spawn rate increased.

Known issues:

  • Skin shader has been modified in order to allow more accurate color picking for your dudes, but this means that all your previous BABs will now look discolored (even the NPCs saved with them)
  • Strange "full hair pants texture" bug likely still occurs as I have no way to test it on any of my development machines (it simply does not happen to me at all...)

I'd like to thank all of you for sticking around. Getting to know you better on Discord only made everything a hundred times better: you are all amazingly motivating and fun to share thoughts with. I wish you all a happy new year full of good news, and orcs. Lots of orcs.

0.14.X November 30, 2017 Initial Release A new version is now available, which allows you to preview an introduction cinematic for a character whose Braces you've been toying with for a while now. For now, you can watch it directly and without needing any special character progress, by exploring the Island scene, which has received a few tweaks in order to accommodate and stage the cinematics.

Things look weird without music and sound. I know.

I may have gone a bit wild with particle count for the effects on this one, so I really need you to tell me if your computer sustains the scene just fine.

  • Most of the highlights for this version were preparations and polish made during November in order to update the dated public build, with those changes being logged as 0.13.X.
  • First implementations of a new dialogue system that will allow more than two participants to interact.
  • Added toe bones to the orc's skeleton, which will allow more detailed foot animation for future intimate interactions. (Yes, of the type you are thinking of)
  • Fixed a bug where the AI for characters would make them do nothing when switching roles during doggy style.
  • You can now quit an interaction scene by pressing Esc, after switching.

I will promptly release a few patches in the next couple of days, in order to wrap up the whole Genie quest.

0.14.1 A patch featuring the following changes is now available:
  • Genie merge animations, music and sound effects added to his sequences.
  • Removal of tutorial text on anal1 when doing it with fantasies and genie.
  • "Free mode" brought back to anal1.
  • Bowler hat adjusted in order to avoid clipping issues with the head of the character.

The "Hair texture" issue seen in some setups is still untouched and needs some extra research (hard to test something that isn't happening on my dev setup). Given by how this was not happening before the Unity upgrade, I will mostly blame it on them for now ;P

Discord server

I've decided to create a discord server as a common ground to share thoughts, read reports and take feedback in a more reliable and direct way. Users understanding what discord is can enter the server using this link

I will not give support on problems regarding Discord, assuming you already know how to use it!

For December I really want to patch things that may have ended up looking half assed by spending a bit too much time on trying to add new features, or simply forgotten about them, so please write down anything that stands out like a sore thumb to you and I will gladly look into it.

0.13.X October 30, 2017 Initial Release A new version is available! Highlights include:
  • NPCs (Non Playable Characters, such as Oriol, Celik, Bo) and any physical changes done to them will now save, and every player character will keep their own respective NPC data.
  • NPCs now notice and react to changes caused by the Genie's braces. Right now in the form of dialogues and animations coming right after a sex scene (given you do not fuse with them).
  • Genie's Braces will now give you a perma-buff if you use its runes more than three times to alter your form, forcing the transformation effects to remain without the braces. The buff can be transmitted to other characters and illusions once triggered.
  • New animations added to Chob's quest, before and after his closure cinematic.
  • New prototype bodyhair effect, as seen on the post's image, as well as hair tufts added to the forearms when a high coat value is in check.
  • Cock ring, can be found in the area between Celik and the big avocado tree.
  • Sundial stone circle now changes the time of day.

Now for the fixes:

  • More procedural animation corrections made to all of the intimate interaction scenes in order to prevent clipping and misplacement of the characters.
  • Model fixes made to the orc's feet and calves.
  • Fixed a bug that would not allow players to get the three trinkets needed to finish the Iguapi/Chob quest.
  • Fixes made to the camera code in order to allow smooth transitions.

Other than the new and the fixed, other types of work have been made that do not necessarily appear in this version, such as the writing and scripting of two new quest lines: one regarding a famous white cube, and the other giving some more depth to the origin of the Genie Braces.

Known issues:

  • Wearing the Genie Braces and the Chob trinkets at the same time causes a transformation conflict that chokes the game's processing, as two counter transformation spells battle to turn the player's shape one way or the other... hey that sounds like a nice idea for a story.
  • Feet IK break during the stargaze minigame.
  • Braces' "Beastly" rune doesn't work on NPCs and will make them change towards "Erotic" all the time.
  • Chob's trinkets are disabled and hidden in your inventory right after Chob's quest is completed.

Crash related to out of memory issues

The 32bit version of the game has so far been creating too many issues given the limited amount of memory the bitbase is allowed to access.

Since the game is currently not optimized and is quite needy on memory resources, it tends to crash the moment it requires more than 3GB of ram.

Until an optimized version becomes a reality, I suggest avoiding the 32bit version and go directly for 64bit (and if your OS does not allow that, I also suggest you get on with the times and get a 64bit computer)

"Stuck on Patreon disclaimer screen" bug

There is a possibility that this problem is caused by an old cache file saved on your computer's Application Data directory. If you experience this problem, I suggest removing the aforementioned files located on:

  • (Windows) C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\Prasetto\Bonfire
  • (Mac)  Users/YourUserName/library/cache/prasetto/Bonfire

These files contain all the characters the player saved so far. You may want to salvage some of those and bring them back into the folder after the deletion process.

0.13.3 A patch featuring the following fixes is now available:
  • Attempt to fix the cinematic issue that locks the camera on the player's boot, consequently locking the entire game
  • Fixed issue where Genie Braces would not turn the NPCs into the "beastly" form
  • Free camera mode distances increased during intimate interactions
  • Toned down the neon colors when Genie's corruption comes into effect.
  • Increased Genie's Braces charges from 3 to 10, and added descriptive status to the item's inventory tooltip to inform the player on how close they are to becoming irreversibly tainted by the effects.
  • Condoms. They protec. A bunch of them can be found at the inn.
  • Gorilla feet shape now part of the Iguapi set of custom features.
  • Added new aubergine varieties
  • Sundial circle now properly keeps the changed time when teleporting out of it
  • Basic first person POV, accessed by pressing COther changes made to the code in preparation for a trimmed-down public release.
0.12.X September 30, 2017 Initial Release This release introduces a big customization element to the game and a cornerstone for player generated content: Pose mode will now allow you to pose your character and save them to your inventory, as handy parchments that can be applied right away by right-clicking on their respective icons.

Now for the usual changelog highlights:

  • Pose mode can now be enabled from the action bar at the bottom of the screen, by clicking on it's respective icon. further instructions on how to use it can be read further on this log.
  • "Doggy" interactive scene now has basic AI that allows the non-player orc to top the whole scene, all the way to climax. To see it in action, engage on it as usual, then press P to swap roles.
  • Genie's Braces now come with a small UI at the center of the screen, allowing you to toggle or revert it's effects. Upon equipping, its effects are disabled by default.
  • Genie's Braces' effect can now be sexually transmitted :0...
  • Character creation screen now includes a few more buttons that will help you apply default Orc, Human and Iguapi presets. A bit like racial selectors.
  • Hair and beard styles now have a length modifier.
  • Changes made to the model shapekeys in order to allow a more human-like face.
  • Optimizations made to the Inn loading process in order to make it appear less jarring upon entering its portal.
  • Added support for non standard, ridiculously huge 4K resolutions, for the big screens out there.

Known issues:

  • Any orc saved with previous versions of the game will appear completely bald and beardless in this version, due to their missing hair length value. Simply edit them in order to restore it.
  • Chob's trinkets remove your orc's beard and hair, for some strange reason.
  • Hands and peen cannot be edited in pose mode, for now (tragic, I know. Hang in there!)
  • Although a Screenshots feature is available (by pressing F12), the current build fails to create a storage folder where expected. You will need to manually create a "Screenshots" folder inside "Bonfire_Data" (in the game's directory) for these images to be saved.

Pose mode HowTos

Click on its dock icon at the bottom of the screen at any time to bring up the posing interface. You will see a blue, wireframe skeleton on your orc, with many nodes representing the points of the character that can be manipulated.

With your left mouse button, click and drag on the nodes in order to move them around.*

With your right mouse button, click and drag will rotate the nodes. Hold down left Ctrl key while doing this, in order to constraint to a specific axis.*

Using the mouse wheel while holding onto any of the nodes will bring it back and forth.

Ctrl+Z to undo changes.

Some nodes may be locked and will not allow them to be manipulated.

If more than one orc are on display and you wish to edit their pose, simply enable pose mode and switch to the other character by hovering with your mouse button on their torso and pressing Enter on your keyboard.

A more thorough and ingame guide on this complex tool will be provided in the near future.

0.12.1 A patch featuring the following changes is now available:
  • Achievements are now read from your saved orcs rather than a settings file that would get constantly overwritten. This solves the resetting of Chob's quest, which in turn would disable the Genie's Braces from appearing.
  • Chob's nipple ring moved from the Inn bedroom to the sundial circle in the middle of the Outback forest.
  • Poses can now be applied across different orc sizes (In case your orc is subjected to many growth spurs after having saved any pose)
  • Items can be fed to any orc in your proximity (those your orc is checking out) by holding down Ctrl while right clicking on their item on your inventory.
  • Red and yellow peppers now reduce body fat: you need to run around while their sweat effect is in check.
  • Genie's braces' effect now transmits during oral scene (Oriol)
  • Fixed a bug that would lock the game during some interaction scenes.
  • Screenshots feature now properly saves images to the game's folder. Use F12 to take them.
  • New constellation artwork by BrukaJones, featured in Bo's stargaze quest.
0.11.X July 30, 2017 Initial Release A new version featuring the continuation of Chob's trinket quest, as well as the introduction of his race of hairy, jungle dwelling Orcs (the Iguapi tribe) is now available! Other additions include:
  • Early implementation of swimming mechanics for the Island scene.
  • Arm size increased for larger characters, as well as the addition of a hand girth slider to the character customization panel.
  • Head crown (allows for gorilla/Iguapi shaped heads) and Lip girth added to facial customization sliders.
  • Characters can now have a secondary hair color, instead of making that secondary hair color a darker shade of the main one.
  • Nose upturn slider on character customization mode will now allow you to have a more human-styled nose. Similarly for the same goal, a rounder ear shape and narrower mouth width are now possible.
  • Grower/shower flaccid style choices.
  • Achievements system now in place, and will be used mostly to unlock customization features and other skills.

Changes made to elements previously implemented:

  • Retconning of a few dialogues pertaining Chob's quest, in order to remove the redundant need of Bo's wisdom all over it again.
  • With that said, Chob's trinkets will not appear around the game until you finish Bo's merge quest.
  • The first time playing this version with an old orc savefile may require you to search for Chob's trinkets again, and even redo Bo's fusion, in order to access the new quest elements.
  • Fixes made to some of the hair styles, mostly the ponytail ones.

Known issues:

  • Right now, finding a host for Chob is unimplemented.
  • The new Iguapi racial characteristics will likely cause some texturing errors, mostly affecting the hairdo colors.
  • Shading on certain areas, like the eyelids, will look a bit out of place during character creation and some dimly lit scenes. This is caused by a change on mesh normals that will hopefully be solved in the future.
  • Entering the Island doorframe will likely have you accidentally exiting it. Make sure you memorize its location before actually entering it.
  • The game exits after Bo's merge is completed, by mistake. Your progress still remains, however.
  • The Darkness that comes when you run out of bounds no longer shows up due to a layering issue caused by the new post processing stack, so you might be spooked by sudden death without a warning.
  • The game still won't run well on a toaster powered with Intel graphics.

Should mention that I will go on a much needed vacation for 15 days. Have a great summer, you all!

0.11.3 I've actually had some time after vacation to address some pressing issues affecting the previous release, most importantly the texture errors affecting copies of the game ran by AMD Radeon videocards. The summary is as follows:
  • Upgrade to Unity 5.6
  • Rework of shaders and material workflows responsible for the graphics artifacts seen on AMD Radeon rigs
  • Removal of masking seams seen on most of the hair and beard styles
  • Remapping of Iguapi (gorilla race) shapekeys to old clothing meshes
  • Adjustments to the anatomy shapes for the skinny build setup. Still a long way from perfect, but it's getting there
  • Fantasies can now be generated on the Island scene by pressing F
  • Old style of Chob's "growth" curse (as found in 0.10.0) is now back and decoupled from his quest, in the form of a patron reward item: Spiked Braces of the Genie. Wearing these will trigger one of two slightly different types of slow transformation. Proper dialogues and wrapping for this item are in the works. The item can be found around the island scene at any time and by any character after completing a full merge with Chob, at least once.

This update won't charge patrons, as it is minor and contains mostly fixes.

0.10.X June 30, 2017 Initial Release This version establishes staging elements that will be used in the new-coming quests: an island scene to go with the ongoing season: its location is marked by a trail of palm trees starting somewhere near Oriol's quest area.

An introduction to an often-requested feature: transformation items and buffs that will allow you to change your character's physical appearance, either permanently or temporarily. The items will slowly become the standard way of altering a character's body, and can be found by exploring the different areas of the game:

  • Green Pepper, Yellow Pepper and Red Pepper will make your character sweat for a limited amount of time, while Mint leaves have the opposite effect and will block sweating altogether.
  • The OP King aubergine will increase your junk's size, and the counter effect can be achieved by eating Lemons.
  • Coconuts found around the Island scene will increase your character's body fat overtime.
  • Last but not least, a set of items that are part of a quest in development: Chob's Trinkets (right now three, scattered around the game) will allow you to experience the initial stage of an unusual form of fusion. These items can be found at the Stargaze circle, the Inn and the Island scene.

Your character will also be affected by other slight buffs, such as sun-tanning, which will slowly turn your character's skin into a darker tone. This buff only happens automatically while exploring the Island scene.

Worry not about the character editor, which will eventually become a first-time tool for the true story mode, and always available for the planned sandbox mode. You can still access it anytime and revert whatever changes the items did to your orc bab.

Permanent transformation effects can also be averted by not triggering saving events, such as entering or exiting the Inn.

Other miscellaneous additions include:

  • Grunting sounds. Have at.
  • Buff UI, showing the spells and effects that are currently affecting your character. Can be seen on the left side of the screen, and hovering over it's runes will reveal the respective buff's action.
  • Solo bed fap pose. Can also be found around the Island scene (see post's image) and likely to receive improvements.
  • New long hairstyle model that replaces the sorely failed attempt at using Unity's physics for them. Still a work in progress.
  • Leather harness torso piece.
  • Option to prevent characters from looking at the camera when it gets close and personal, found under Gameplay options.
  • New waypoint added to the "mysterious cube" stone circle.
  • Ability to add horns to your character, a feature needed to customize certain NPCs that will appear in the game at a later point. And because why the hell not. Right now limited to only one style.
  • Added a few more tooltips to the inventory and interaction scene interfaces.

Now onto the fixes:

  • Inn lights can no longer be turned off accidentally while on a sex interaction.
  • Some camera clipping issues happening during dialogues and sex scenes inside the Inn.
  • Gameplay options sliders no longer reach out of the screen.
  • Fixed a masking issue that would cull the orc's crotch while wearing certain items.
  • Restored fog effect on the fusion plane scenes that went missing when the rendering was changed to deferred mode, in earlier versions.
  • Fixed a "fap skating" bug that would still allow you to move your orc after triggering the stand fap mode.
  • Removed redundant teleport sound effects.

Known issues:

  • Tattoo rendering is glitching the hell out.
  • Right now you cannot swim nor interact with water around the Island scene
  • Takes a while for your orc to react to your mouse clicks while on solo bed fap mode (just wait a little after you click on his dong, in order to let the transition animation play entirely)
  • A buff rune labeled "constant erection" remains stuck on the screen after performing any of the fusions, even after the effect is over.
0.9.X May 31, 2017 Initial Release Taking into consideration the feedback provided by the players after the previous release, the following issues were addressed:
  • Removed thousands of landscape boulders that seemed to be redundant and mostly invisible, but forcing framerates to take a dip.
  • Changed rendering mode of the UI, from pixel-perfect to smooth. It appears the feature tends to cause slowdowns.
  • Optimized some of the processes in the Orc's code, though there are still many more things to optimize.
  • Solved a process race condition that would make the animations play incorrectly on some of the interaction sequences, depending on the order the orcs were "created" by the game.
  • Optimized Orc's animator component by moving all the cinematic clips to it's own, temporary animator.
  • Reworked Celik's fusion transition, in order to address a crash that affected most players

As for new features:

  • New randomization buttons on character edit/creation screen: random skin colors and random body build.
  • Nose piercings are now possible.
  • Character deletion screen: you can now remove those pesky old orcs without needing to delete their files manually.
  • Optional genital censor mode (why you ask? in case you need to record videos and share with the world!)
  • Orcs now ooze pre. It gets crazy sometimes.
  • Foreplay is now activated by approaching another orc and clicking on them. A "Foreplay" entry will appear on the pie menu.
  • Foreplay mode allows handjobs: click on the other guy's junk and have at. Right now they won't orgasm (it's only foreplay, after all)
  • Inn now has a marker, which will hopefully help you find it earlier.
  • Inn lamps can be switched on and off.
  • Inn now allows you to spawn other custom orcs as temporary "fantasies". Just go upstairs and click on the bed inside one of the rooms; it will enable a menu that you can bring up pressing F. These fantasies allow every type of interaction so far implemented in the game, including the foreplay.

Known issues:

  • Inn looks like crap on "Faster" graphics modes.
  • Loading multiple orc fantasies (by holding Left Ctrl while clicking on their names) will give you hardcore framerate drops.
  • Orc sizes are forced to default heights in some of the sequences, until I figure out how to fix some new issues that came up during recent development.
  • Foreplay hand animation can go bonkers sometimes.
0.9.1 This patch version tackles the following issues:
  • Fap+move bug
  • Foreplay engagement while seated/laying down/etc
  • Beard stubble not showing on the player's orc

This version also comes with a full and optimized rework of the arm and leg IK system, relieving a great deal of computing performance.

0.9.2 Just a few tidbits before working on the new contents for the next release:
  • This patch removes a serious lag issue caused by inefficient use of character material layers, now allowing players to spawn multiple orc fantasies on the scene. If placed correctly next to one another, they will also engage into foreplay between themselves. Removal of fantasies can be done by holding Ctrl before spawning a new one
  • Lighting rendering was changed to deferred mode, removing light count limitation and improving visuals on scenes with multiple light sources (such as the inn). The latter now also features a slightly brighter ambient light.
  • Pre is now adjusted to tether less, though it will still tether across scenes until the entire thing gets a much needed overhaul. Additionally, it can be disabled entirely in the options menu, under "Gameplay"

Critical performance fixes, such as framerate optimizations, will be backported to the public version, as the current 0.8.4 release is showing too many issues among testers outside of Patreon.

0.8.X April 30, 2017 Initial Release This version features shy (yet internally hardcore) steps towards basic foreplay through a simple kissing mechanic that can be triggered near other orcs. To use it:
  • Approach your favorite orc and stand close enough in front of him. (I do not recommend trying this while seated)
  • Press K to "lock on" him. An alternative camera mode will be enabled if done right.
  • Mouse button 1 to play between two different kiss animations.
  • Mouse button 2 + Drag for panoramic camera movement
  • Mouse button 2 while hovering left nipple on either orc, for an extra(Controls are temporary and a subject to change)

The animations for it were made almost entirely procedural and relying heavily on inverse kinematic tricks, which will allow them to work across different height setups and environments. Later on, different "kissing" targets will be made available. Boy, was this a tough one... On a side note, characters can now wear piercings on their nipples, a feature that will cover more areas of the body as I develop it. You can find the first two trinkets somewhere inside the Tavern level. Technical changes include fixes to the main menu "Esc" key, and a new shader for smooth shadow rendering. I recommend testing all of this with an all new orc, as old versions tend to send the entire game haywire.

0.8.1 A critical patch addressing the deformation and texturing issues in 0.8.0 is now available in the downloads section. Please let me know in the comments below if this solves the aforementioned issues!
0.8.2 Newer version 0.8.2 now available, since the previous one didn't quite solve the problems.
0.8.3 0.8.3 now available. Patches the following issues:
  • Inn scene was loading multiple times, causing framerate drops
  • Extra fixes and position adjustments for kissing mechanic
0.8.4 This patch version addresses critical performance and interface issues reported by the community, such as:
  • Inn scene loading multiple times and causing a serious overlap of assets and framerate drops
  • Interface lockups when pressing Esc while running
  • Movement lockup when pressing Z or X while running
  • Restoring old shadows shader in order to gain some frame speeds
  • LOD adjustment to tree meshes around forested areas of the game
  • Optimizations of IK, animation and texture baking
  • Clipping through inn walls should now happen a lot less

New or changed features:

  • Sound effects volume can now be adjusted (options menu)
  • Inventory and waypoints button on action bar (bottom of screen)
  • Inventory now highlights all equipped attire
  • Interface button tooltips
  • Inventory can now be opened while on character edit mode
  • Profiles menu now shows the selected orc name, as well as highlighting which version of the game they were created with.
  • Singlet patron reward item (equipment). Can be found somewhere inside the Inn
  • Torso piercings now conceal under other pieces of equipment
  • Character progress can now be saved at will by entering or coming out of the Inn
  • Kissing foreplay interaction now allows use of both hands (still limited to chest area)
  • Some edits and grammar fixes made to dialogues
  • Changes to bodyhair textures
  • Warnings added for when the player tries to use integrated graphics
0.7.X March 16, 2017 Initial Release This new version brings closure to Bo's quest line (the third orc) and also throws some extra exposure about the events taking place around the weird realm of smex they are all trapped in. Other changes include:
  • Rework and optimization of materials and their respective shaders, in order to allow more flexible layers of color and skin details (better tattoos and markings, the system for the current ones sucked)
  • Rearrangement of Celik's quest line at the very beginning, in order to shorten travel distances.
  • Long hair preview. Needs more conditioner. Unfortunately, the foreplay features planned for this version turned out to be more complex to implement than I thought and will need some extra time to be developed.
0.7.1 Patch upgrades Unity engine to version 5.5.2 and addresses the day cycle issue when using an old settings file. It also limits the texture sizes to the maximum resolution allowed by the system that is running the game.

Servers have also been restored to their usual speed, so hopefully it won't take you eight hours to download this one!

0.7.3b1 After a hard session of work and going back and forth between my development PC and a borrowed iMac, I managed to get rid of the texturing issue that was affecting most iMac and MacBook users (at least, fixed for most of them). Your orcs should once again be properly rugged.


Major Version Date Released Patches Description
0.6.X December 31, 2016 Initial Release I'd like to start this update by wishing you all a happy new year; 2016 was quite the weird one, misunderstood and overshadowed by tragic and bizarre news happening all over the world. Heads up, our ozone layer is finally recovering.

Bonfire quietly received it's usualy dose of development during this busy month full of celebration and family gathering; really hoped I could add some seasoning to it (a santa hat here and there...). This time I decided to focus on polishing rather than continuing the storyline, before too many bugs pile up into an uncontrollable mess. Changes include:

  • Different orc sizes! they will show plenty of issues during some animation sequences (and a great opportunity to show you why I hesitated to do this earlier...)
  • Muscle mass can now be changed: you still get some muscular build at the lowest setting though, then again... these are orcs
  • Randomizer in character creation screen
  • New collisions system
  • Indoor scene preview: a portal to it is located somewhere between Celik and Oriol
  • New inventory UI: items no longer show in the action bar and now have their own window, which can be accessed by pressing Tab. Items are equipped and de-equipped by right clicking on them
  • New patron reward items: leather midriff, leather pants, leather boots, leather glove armor and nerdy glasses
  • Option to remove terrain grass
  • Lay down poses: press Z/X to use them
  • Leg inverse kinematics, used to allow more procedural animation tweaks (and pretty much essential for larger orc sizes)
  • The dreaded crash that would happen while fusing with Oriol is now (hopefully) gone forever.

Known issues:

  • Music stops playing after merging with Oriol
  • Bo's stargaze quest won't save it's progress
  • It is possible to teleport outside the house by doing some crouching tricks
0.5.X November 30, 2016 Initial Release A new version featuring the third quest line on the first steps of implementation is now available!

Rough around the edges and still needing dedicated animation work, but already exposing a lot about the backstory, through dialogues delivered by the new orc, Bo, who can be found right away without needing to complete the previous quests (for now).

He has actually been there on the previous two versions for the alternate missionary sex pose. This time though, he will instruct you to find a specific place on the map: if you give up on searching for it, or die too much on trying, press F6 to teleport directly to that location.

Besides this, new gameplay gimmicks include:

  • Waypoints! you can now quickly travel from one place to another. Make sure you approach runic monoliths in order to save their location. This feature only becomes available after you speak with Bo for the first time. Saved waypoints can be accessed by pressing M on your keyboard
  • Rewrote inventory system in order to allow saving of skills and waypoints, among other internal items.
  • Minor changes to the character customization screen and files.

Known issues:

  • Performance might drop while dialoguing with Bo. Disabling "Dynamic Character Ambient Colors" should alleviate the issue entirely.
  • Orcs from previous versions will have black eye scleras in this version; just edit their profile in order to fix it.
  • Stargaze minigame will not work unless you enable dynamic sky.
0.4.X October 27, 2016 Initial Release This version includes a preview of the next sequence: a front variation of anal, which can be found in one of the stone circles near Oriol (right where some of you found a mysterious white cube; now it comes in the form of a sexable orc!)

Much like the oral sequence that came before it, right now it's missing its respective quest, just to allow you to taste the thing right away.

A very early implementation of an equipment and clothing system is in place, and can be tested by picking up an item near the beginning stone circle (a WIP kispet); equip it by clicking with the right mouse button on it's action bar icon, after pickup.

No changes story wise, as the animation assets to complete the 2nd quest are not quite optimal for a release, but hang in there! a free patch with the finished quest will be out shortly after this one.

I've also been trying to nail why the game likes to hang upon startup for some people; I still have no clue on what could be the cause, but some changes were made to the scene loading and management, which will hopefully alleviate the issue.

0.4.2 This version enables fusion with Oriol, after the 2nd quest is completed and synchronized orgasm is achieved.  Aftermath dialogues have also been included, which should bring closure to the little bee adventure involving the red guy (for now!)

Minor details include the ability to change the thickness of your junk and an option to limit it's size (for NPC characters) found in the game options, for those who don't really fancy very long schlongs. Graphical updates to some of the environment and item assets have also been made.

Orc profiles will now remain in your computer's respective Application Data folder, meaning that they won't be deleted each time you get a new version.

Right now there is a known crash that will most likely happen right before the fusion with Oriol is triggered, specially if you just ended Celik's and went directly for the 2nd. Restarting the game, after fully finishing Celik's fusion and returning to the main world, will avoid the issue.

0.4.3f Attempts to solve the following issues:
  • Spinning camera bug when holding down the left mouse button. Still not sure if this will solve the issue as I have no way to reproduce it myself.
  • Broken hand animation during oral sequence (Oriol)
  • BeeSwarm de-spawn bug, after punching beehive

As for the new features:

  • Changes to the skin shader in order to render sweat, which will appear on your character after running around for a while.
  • More detail added to Oriol's fusion sequence
  • Repositioned Kispet item to a new location on the map. In it's old place you can now find a simple leather loincloth.

As usual, report any issues in the comments below!

0.4.4 A critical update that attempts to reduce the chance of encountering a crash that happens when trying to fuse with Oriol, as well as while closing the game.  Given that it is entirely Unity's fault, it is still likely to happen even after this: just restart the game as soon as it happens, your progress will be saved and the fusion sequence can happen as normal after the fresh restart.

Other implementations in this demo:

  • Upgrade to Unity 5.4.3
  • Option to reduce the strength of the sweat effect on characters (found under gameplay options)
  • Change of orgasm pulse colors from red to purple, as some players thought they meant pain rather than pleasure.
  • Added some tutorial windows that bring information about the sex minigame, as well as informing when new quest and events are available.
0.3.X September 25, 2017 Initial Release Implements most of the quest line elements related to the second encounter, which becomes available right after Celik's awakening and his respective fusion are completed.

Oriol, the red guy, can be found somewhere near his original location from the previous demo, and speaking with him will kickstart the new fetch quest.

Fixes include optimization of LOD landscape assets, inclusion of more graphics quality options and adjustments to character meshes and animations. There still is plenty of work to do in order to reduce the performance issues on lower end computers, but I'm getting there!

For those suffering the worst of the aforementioned issue, a new draw distance slider is available in the graphics options panel.

A merging scene and a sex minigame (or quest minigame) are still in the works, the latter likely to receive a different format and placement along the quest, given the mixed opinions the previous one received. Other missing details, like particle and sound effects, will be tackled shortly after this.

For any issues you encounter, feel free to send me a message over here, or head over to the tumblr dev blog and ask away!

Next up: missionary animations...

0.3.1 It took some days of nasty and extensive fighting against catastrophic bugs in order to upgrade the game engine to a newer version (Unity 5.4.1), and while I'm not sure if it's perfectly stable, I can't let it grow into a bigger disaster without having you all test it. This version of Bonfire is pretty much the same as the previous, but with a few things related to quest events fixed, such as the beehive bug.

For the demo, head over to the downloads section and grab 0.3.1; version 0.3.0 will remain available until I make sure the engine upgrade is good for everybody.

Also announcing that I am dropping the use of Mediafire in change of proper webhosting, which means faster upload and download of demo versions, ad free, and maybe even a website in the future.

Additionally, a support email address is now available! feel free to contact me about technical issues at

0.2.X August 1, 2016 Initial Release This version was intended to be the first one featuring most of the visual and audio changes seen in 0.1.2, but given the heavy use of new shaders and sky system, I felt it was necessary to test them prior to this release.

Other than those, the elements that will form part of the 2nd orc encounter have been established, and can be found in the form of a temporary oral sex preview in a stone circle near Celik, the first orc. Keep a good track on those runes and you will find our new red guy, seeking for some hot oral action.

His quest line is still in the writing and scripting process, so for now you get to the sex sequence right away.

Other technical issues have been addressed although needing more polish, such as the flappy physics during the first minigame and weird animation glitches.

The game will default to the new sky graphics; if you find that your performance goes to the pits, have a quick check around the options (in game) and disable the necessary stuff in the Graphics section.

Like always, report about any issues, explosions and paranormal events taking place during testing.

0.1.X June 23, 2016 Initial Release The long awaited major release is finally ready for some hot testing! Make sure you grab a copy in the downloads post.

Notes & Instructions

This release features a small fetch quest that will reward the player with an interactive sex sequence, as well as establishing some key plot elements into the story.

The sex action requires that you reach orgasm at around the same time as your partner. In order to do so, pay close attention to the small red pleasure gauges that will appear next to the orc's head near climax, as well as the pleasure waves that radiate from the character's respective portraits.

A temporary camera mode is available during the sex sequence , enabled by pressing C. With this mode in check, you can orbit and pan the camera around the action by using the following combinations:

Ctrl + Right Mouse Button for camera movement

Ctrl + Left Mouse Button for camera orbit

Some details and animations are still rough around the edges, and some of the projected features have been postponed to be released as critical free patches after this version. Other details like the patron credits section and totems will be incorporated after the first payout is successfully processed.

Man I need music and sound effects...

0.1.1 A new version is now available here! Featuring ability to save multiple orc profiles, automatic quest saving and a free sex camera mode, as well as the reward of automatic sex mode (without orgasm, for your viewing pleasure!) after successfully achieving the first synchronized climax and the whole fusion scene.

Other internal changes include full OS mouse support, with the removal of virtualized mode: OSX users will see some erratic mouse behavior for now, as the wrapper needs to be developed in order to properly make use of the Quartz framework.

Known issues:

Creating too many orc profiles will make the interface unusable, as the name list gets taller and pushes other interface elements out of the way.

"Cum top" and "Cum bottom" buttons on the free mode panel are disabled.

Fusion cinematic is likely to break the game when triggered, if framerates are very low.

Make sure to report any other issues and suggestions!

0.1.2 Mostly featuring graphics and functionality changes and overall polish on the previous version. Some of the additions are new and not optimized, which calls for proper user testing! Features include:

- A day-night cycle is now in place and can be enabled in the game options; disabled by default, as it is a bit taxing on lower end machines

- Procedural music engine

- Patron totems

- Orc shader texture baking changes in order to include a tattoo layer

- New nose facial mods

- A million programming things I much likely did but are too weird to explain.

0.0.3 May 6, 2016 Initial Release Another small release featuring an in-game options screen that, for now, only contains one setting that will allow players to switch mouse input to standard OS control, meaning that it will no longer be "virtualized" and mixed up with joystick input on some setups.

Additionally, changes were made to the way body hair is distributed on your character, after many suggestions were given. The body hair slider now affects how far the hair pattern spreads rather than just the opacity of the whole thing.

A new "crewcut" haircut was added as a reward to one of our patrons, and concepts and rigging for yet another styling addition are in the works.

Heavy implementation of features will follow after this patch, mostly focused on the events and questing that will take place around the first orc encounter.

0.0.2 April 27, 2016 Initial Release Addresses the issues related to color selection all over the character creation screen. Clicking on the buttons that used to be for navigating through different color choices now brings up a color selector.

... also updates to the orc model in order to fix his rather shallow asscrack.

What is a Patch Release?

The term refers to some of the demo updates that are not necessarily part of the patreon payout process and will be delivered as free updates. These will usually feature slight to critical bug fixes and previews to new implementations that need alpha testing. This type of release will be the most frequent of the three types (Patch, Major and Public).

Patrons in and above the 4$ pledge will have access to these free updates, which will be identified by the third digit on the game's version, for example X.X.1 to  X.X.2 and so on.

What is a Major release?

A release with everything nicely wrapped and polished. Once these are announced, the payout is processed. Major releases come to every patron in and above the 4$ pledge, and will come out to the public a month after. The plan is to have one of these every four weeks or so, if everything goes alright!

These releases will increment the 2nd digit on the game's version number, for example X.1.X.