From Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto

Major Characters

Minor Characters

Characters that are not involved in the main story, or are only mentioned in dialogue, are considered minor characters.

Player-Made Characters

Characters that players have posted to the discord channel ( will be uploaded to an online repository and will become available for summoning from the game's Mod Manager panel, found in the options menu.

They are broken into four broad categories: Kink based, Story based, Utility or Mixed Usage, and Mod Tutorial Orcs.

Also within the repository are Tattoos that other players have made along with other Playable Orcs.


  • Onroig is "giorno" (Italian for "day") backwards.
    • Similarly, Etton is "notte" (Italian for "night") backwards.
  • Tharun may be based on the Kashmiri word "tarun", meaning "to cross (a path)", "to visit", "to be spread out, extended", or "to gain salvation".
    • This compliments Kurtar's name, meaning "to rescue".