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</image> <group> <header>Profile</header> <label>Species</label> <label>Gender</label> <label>Age</label> <label>Height</label> <label>Weight</label> <label>Body Build</label> <label>Body Hair</label> <label>Penis Size</label> <label>Sexual Orientation</label> </group> <group> <header>Metadata</header> <label>Kinks</label> <label>Creator</label> <label>Current Version</label> <label>Core Game</label> </group> </infobox> Mokhthar is one of the NPCs in The Demonic Contract story mod pack.


Mokhthar is a grunt of the Verdant Sun Orc Clan. After surviving the orc-human war and seeing the devastation caused by humans, he treats humans with disdain and follows Grummush's lead in sexually disciplining the captured humans. Mokhthar admires Grummush greatly and yearns to be a warrior like him but is too prideful to admit that his cock is not big enough to qualify to be a warrior of the clan.

Personality and Kinks

Mokhthar is a mischievous and arrogant orc man who has a penchant for belittling human men by calling them "puny", mocking the size of human cocks compared to orc cocks and threatening the human men to admit to his claims or face punishment.


"Puny human want Mokhthar punish? Orc master ask human pet question, human pet answer." {{#if:|― {{{2}}}{{#if:|[[{{{3}}}|[source]]]}}}}