From Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto

What are Scrolls?

In a nutshell: Scrolls allow you to write multiple Console Commands and run them all together in sequence. They’re stored in your inventory as items that retain their contents, letting you run the same set of commands over and over without having to re-type everything. You can use them for virtually anything, from casting a simple buff, creating "Genie Bombs" that geniefy every orc with a 12 meter radius, or even execute Lua Scripts! The possibilities are endless!

Depending on the commands you write, casting the scroll might incur a Mana cost. All new orcs start with 128 total mana points and a mana regeneration rate of 2 points per second. To increase these values, you need to have lots and lots of sex and synchronized orgasms with either NPCs or other players in the online mode. Every synced orgasm increases your total mana pool by 8 points, and your regeneration rate by 2 points (Regular orgasm only increase your mana pool by 2).

How to obtain Scrolls

The in-game way to obtain scrolls is to speak to Levi inside of the Levant Tower. Give him a sample of orc cum--obtained either by fapping into a condom you picked up from the Inn or received from another player—and he will grant you one scroll for every cum sample in your inventory! (Note: currently Levi will take ALL cum samples from your inventory when you submit the sample. Therefore it is advised that you do not carry around any samples containing orc DNA you were planning to use in the Alchemy system.)

The other method is to press F1 to open the console and enter oscreate <ScrollName>, which immediately opens the scroll editors.

Scrolls can be deleted by opening the editor and clicking the “Remove Scroll” button, or by clicking and dragging them out of the inventory window.

How to use Scrolls


  1. Title – This is the scroll’s name as it appears in your inventory. If this is blank, it will appear simply as “Scroll”
  2. Add -  Creates a GUI field that allows you to add commands via a dropdown list. By default it will create a “target @self” command, but you can click “target” to change the command being cast, and click “@self” to change who the command will be used on.
  3. Add Custom – Creates a text box where the player can write a command (or multiple commands, if using the batch keyword) by hand, as if you were entering them in the console window. This field allows you to use commands that aren’t available in the add button’s dropdown list.
  4. Convert to editable text – if this line was created with the “Add” button, it will be converted into a “custom” text box where you can edit the contents directly, like a line created via the “Add Custom” command
  5. Remove – Deletes a line
  6. Saves Scroll – Save the scroll in your inventory.
  7. Remove Scroll – deletes the scroll from your inventory.
  8. Exit – closes the scroll editor.

Writing Commands

Writing commands into a scrolls makes use of one of two buttons:

  • Add – This adds a line containing dropdown lists for different commands and possible targets to use them on
  • Add Custom – This creates textbox where, if you already know how to write commands by yourself, you can enter a full string of commands that aren’t available in the dropdownlist. This is recommended for experienced users, as you’re not limited to just the commands in the dropdown list.

As a best practice, all scrolls should begin with either “target @self” if the intent is to affect yourself, or “target @selfinterest” if the intent is to affect a nearby orc you are looking at. This helps to ensure that the correct orc is affected by the scroll, especially in an online setting.

Obtaining Buffs and learning the Buff Command

Finding the buff stone for Penis Length Flaccid Decrease near Celik's Circle.

Added in version 0.50.X, buffs must now be learned in order to use them. Buff can be found all over the outback in the form of white, circular stones with hovering cubes. At night they have a faint green glow, and streaks of light that fly toward the nearest stone.

As of version 0.68.X, the buff commands can be unlocked by defeating Ka in the main story without taking any damage.

If you attempt to use a buff from straight from the Console Commands page without first discovering the actual spell, a pop-up warning will appear, that buff will not be cast.

Transferring Buff Knowledge between Orcs

Buff Knowledge, and the list of known buffs

A new inventory item called "Knowledge" tracks the buffs the player learns while exploring the outback.

Like other pieces of equipment, this can be stored inside the Inn's vault and transferred by another orc.

Orcs can also directly teach each other buffs using the teachbuff command Console Commands page, or the teachbuff() function in the Lua API

Basic Recipe Examples

Here are some basic recipes that can be made with scrolls. For these examples, commands will be selected from the dropdown list, using the "Add" button.

Casting a buff

  1. Find or create a blank scroll in your inventory, and left-click it to open the editior.
  2. Click "Add" once, and leave the "target @self" line.
  3. Click "Add" again. Click on the second "target" and scroll down until you find "buff."
  4. Click on "Sweat", and type in "HeightIncrease"
  5. Click on the "0" and write "30"
  6. Name the scroll "Become Taller," and click "Save Scroll." Exit the editor.

Now open the inventory and look for the "Become Taller" scroll you created. Right-click it once, and your orc will play a casting animation. The buff will subtract the cost of mana, and your orc will (very slowly) get taller over time. You can speed up the rate of growth either by re-casting the scroll again, or by creating more lines that cast the "HeightIncrease" buff. Buffs in Bonfire can stack their effects and become more powerful, so if you re-cast the same buff while the previous effect is still active, this will cause you to get taller faster (provided you have enough mana).

A full list of Buffs can be found on the Console Commands page.

Transformation Spell

  1. Click "Add" once, but this time click "@self" and change it to "@selfinterest"
  2. Click "Add" again, click "target" and look for "barafy."
  3. Click "@self," and change it to "@target." There will be three 0's, change them to "100, 50, and 5" respectively.
  4. Click "Add," click "target," and then click "targetclear"
  5. Rename the scroll something like "Become Human," then save and exit.
  6. Walk to another orc, like Celik, an right-click them. This will cause your orc to turn their head to target them.
  7. Open the inventory, find the "Become Human" scroll (or whatever you named it) and right' click it. Over the next minute, Celik will change to look like a big human.

In the Buff recipe, we began with a target @self line, and this caused the player to grow taller. In the Transformation Spell recipe, we began with target @selfinterest, and this time Celik (or another orc that isn't the player) transformed instead.

Any time you begin a line with target @self, this specifies that whatever is written afterward will only affect the the holder of the scroll (not necessarily the player) until the target is changed to someone else mid-way.

If you start a line with target @selfinterest, however, this will target whoever the scroll user was looking at the time scroll was cast. If you are the scroll holder, you can change your "interest" by first right-clicking your target, which will make your orc turn his head to look at them.

Always start your scrolls, either with target @self or target @selfinterest to ensure the correct orc is affected.

Force Fusion

By now, you should be familiar with the interface, so I will just write out the full set of commands.

  • target @self
  • forcefusion

Right-click on the orc you wish to fuse with, then cast the scroll.

Note: that if you use @selfinterest instead, that will cause your target to absorb YOU when used during multiplayer.

Make him fap

  • target @selfinterest
  • fap
  • targetclear

Give clothing

  • target @selfinterest
  • give 25
  • targetclear

This makes the target wear a wrestling singlet.

Advanced Recipe Examples

You aren't limited to just the basic recipes, however. In their current implementation, scrolls allow you to use nearly every Console Command available to create unique effects! For these next few recipe examples, we will be making heavy use of batch and invoke here.

The batch keyword allows you to string multiple commands together, separated by a semicolon.

The invoke keyword works with invokedelay, and will execute commands after the specified numbers of seconds have passed.

These advanced recipes will all use "Add Custom" to create new lines of commands over the "Add" GUI, giving us greater flexibility when writing scrolls.

Also note there are NO SPACES between semicolons in a batch command!

Make him dance

This makes use of forceanim to make an orc dance, and then stop after 12 seconds.

  • batch target @selfinterest;forceanim Dance1;invokedelay 12
  • invoke batch target @target;forceanim Armature|Idle1;targetclear

Timed Warp

When cast, your current xyz coordinates will be saved for 10 seconds, and then you will warp back to them.

  • batch target @self;refpos;invokedelay 10
  • invoke batch target @self;tp2refpos

Big Boy

Causes your character to play a muscle growth animation, during which they'll suddenly surge in size, ripping through their pants in the process (if supported by that clothing item). Note that this scroll will require a LOT of mana to support the three different buffs used, but it will still partially work if you don't have an expansive mana pool.

  • batch target @self;buff PenisGirthIncrease,120;buff PenisLengthIncrease,120;buff BallSizeIncrease,120;quickgrow3
  • invokedelay 4
  • invoke batch target @target;xl;cbt gen,1.5,false;buff HardNCum,0
  • invokedelay 8
  • invoke batch target @target;buff NoLookAtBody,2.5;forceanim Gesture Flex1

What this does is make your orc play the quickgrow3 animation, and makes use of invokedelay to add a few extra effects after 4 and 8 seconds have passed. After 4 seconds have passed, your orc will become hyper and surge in size. After 8 second have passed, which is typically at the end of the animation, the orc will flex and admire their new bod!