Story based

From Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto

Story based custom NPCs are usually less common form of player created NPC. While they may service a kink or specific fetish like a Kink based NPC, they generally have a much more fleshed out back story that their creator may add to as more time becomes available.

Non exhaustive list of current NPCs in the Story based category. To download, open Bonfire's main menu and go to Mods -> NPC Manger, and click "Refresh." Find the NPC's name and click "Download."

To add an NPC to your game once you have its .bab file, check out, Add NPC orcs to game

Name Creator Kinks
Ad-al WizAuz
Aibek Orohu
Beto WizAuz
DokoMor WizAuz
Fudluk WizAuz
Grummar Leothelion Daddy-son relationships
Grummush Leothelion Keeping human pets for sex
Kayden Leothelion Big cocks, cum drinking/feeding, muscular orc men
Klaus Sobachkagrr
Orgol GrayMech
Mazrad Leothelion Harvesting sexual energy from male mortals
Mokhresh Leothelion Sex with humans, breeding
Mokhthar Leothelion Small penis humiliation
Romar Leothelion Rough sex, domination, cum facial, breeding
Romit Barasaurus
Xandar Leothelion Nil
Xerxes Buoysel Muscle growth, possession, fusion
Xhor Buoysel Muscle Growth, Musk, Group Growth