From Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Orcish Half-Giant
Gender Male
Location Mycelium Valley
Quote "Hey there, Erol! Did'ya need something?"
Known Kinks Growth, Hyper, Musk, Group Growth
Requires Patch 0.47.2
Created By Buoysel
Core Game No

Xhor is a Mercenary and the ambassador to the Orc Follower mod. He can instruct the player on how to recruit other orcs and give them different commands. As an Orc with Giant's blood, he can make himself grow even larger at will. When he sweats his musk is so chock full of testosterone than any nearby orcs will start growing along with him.

Xhor and his husband, Bo'Rung were exploring a ruin back in reality before an accident transported him into the Outback. When the player encounter's him, he gives them a warm greeting and offers to accompany them on their adventures until he can re-unite with Bo'Rung.

He can normally be found by the Mycelium Valley.

Xhor is an OC and protagonist character of Buoysel.


  • Giant's Lust
    • When Xhor's arousal reaches over 50%, he'll start growing bigger over time, cumming occasionally. If he manages to calm down for 60 seconds, he'll quickly shrink back to his default size.
  • Giant's Musk
    • While the Giant's Lust is active, Xhor can release a musk that causes anyone in range to grow as well. Those affected will keep growing or stay big as long as Xhor is horny, but the effect will wear off in 60 seconds if Xhor calms down or if those affected step outside of his range. He can toggle the Giant's Musk at anytime when asked.
  • Spirit Bond
    • His tattoo grants him a spiritual bond with his husband, Bo'Rung, which allows the two to sense what the other is feeling, even when they're not in the same instance of the Outback.


  • v1.00 (Requires version 0.47.2)