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Items come in three flavours: Quest, consumables, and equipment.

Quest items do not appear in your inventory, and only serve as keys to advance the story or confer abilities to the player.

Equipment can be equipped and unequipped at will, and either picked up in the world, or added to your character using the give <ID> console command.

Consumable items spawn in the world, and are removed when used. Whilst their effects can be gained using the quickfeed command, they cannot currently be added to the inventory using give. To make Alchemy elixirs, the item must be picked in the map - use the Outback Map to find them. Previous versions allowed feeding other orcs items by holding CTRL; this functionality is being revised.

The table below can be sorted e.g. by type, by clicking the arrows next to each category.

ID Item Type Effect
0 Fake Stiff Fruit Quest Causes Celik to Faint
1 Stiff Fruit Quest Progress Celik's Quest
2 Torch Quest Progress Oriol's Quest
3 Flint Quest Progress Oriol's Quest
4 Oil Wrestling Pants Equipment Legs
5 Leather Loincloth Equipment Legs
6 Leather Boots (set 1) Equipment Feet
7 Waypoint Quest Teleport to Waypoint
8 Skill: Waypoint Memorize Quest Ability to use Waypoints
17 Leather Gloves (set 1) Equipment Hands
18 Leather Pants (set 1) Equipment Legs
19 Leather Midriff (set 1) Equipment Torso
20 Bold Framed Glasses Equipment Head
23 Gold nipple ring Equipment Nipple (Left)
24 Another gold nipple ring Equipment Nipple (Right)
25 Leather singlet Equipment Whole Body
26 Nosering A Equipment Nose
27 Leather Harness Equipment Torso
28 Iguapi Nose Ring Quest Progress Iguapi Transformation
29 Iguapi Nipple Ring L Quest Progress Iguapi Transformation
30 Iguapi Nipple Ring R Quest Progress Iguapi Transformation
33 Green Pepper Consumable Sweat + 1
34 King Aubergine Consumable Penis Length + 1
35 Coconut Consumable Body Fat + 1
36 Dehusked Coconut Consumable
37 Mint Consumable Sweat - 2
38 Evil Lemon Consumable Cock Size - 1
40 Flipflops Equipment Feet
41 Crotchless Singlet Equipment Legs
42 Crotchless speedos Equipment Legs
43 Genie Spike bracers Equipment Arms; Summon Eves to change your shape
44 Pose Quest Strike a Pose
46 Gold cock ring Equipment Erection + 2
48 Tank Top Equipment Torso
49 Latex Condom Consumable Stop corruption spread, collect Essence for Alchemy
50 Cum Sample Cumsumable Used in alchemy; may spread Corruption
51 Queen Aubergine Consumable Penis Girth + 1
52 Prince Aubergine Consumable Penis Shower + 1
54 Bowler Hat Equipment Head
55 Leather Boots (set 2) Equipment Feet
57 Scruffy Peach (Orange) Consumable Body Hair + 1
61 Moon Aubergine Consumable Hyper Penis Length + 1
65 Evil Lime Consumable Ball Size - 1
67 Spiked Arm Bracers Equipment Arms
69 Simple tight tee shirt Equipment Torso
72 Crafty Glasses Equipment Head
73 Recall Cock Ring Equipment Replay fusion scenes
74 Baggy Pants Equipment Legs
75 Pirate Bandana Equipment Head
82 Golden earlobe ring (R) Equipment Ear (R)
83 Golden earlobe ring (L) Equipment Ear (L)
84 Golden ear ring (R) Equipment Ear (R)
85 Golden ear ring (L) Equipment Ear (L)
86 Golden ear ring (R) Equipment Ear (R)
87 Golden ear ring (L) Equipment Ear (L)
88 Mail Pauldron (R) Equipment Shoulder (R)
89 Collar 1 Equipment Neck
94 Ceremonial helmet Equipment Head
100 Milk Pome Consumable Height + 1
102 BDSM Leather pants Equipment Legs
103 Genie cock ring Equipment Cock
107 Tiny top Equipment Torso
108 Scruffy Peach (Purple) Consumable Ball Size + 1
109 Denim Shorts Equipment Legs
110 Brute Collars Equipment Arms
112 Mushroom Consumable Pinktrip, Jump to warp
115 Mail Pauldron (L) Equipment Shoulder
116 Reinforced Gloves Equipment Hands
118 Wrestling Mask Equipment Head
131 Simple Linen Robe Equipment Legs
132 Kilt Equipment Legs
133 Blue Citrus Consumable Restore original form