Hair/Beard Styles

From Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto

These are the known IDs for hair and beard styles currently. Keep in mind some styles may still be locked down due to developer reasons.

ID Hairstyle Beard style
0 None/Bald None/Clean
1 Ponytail Full
2 Mowhawk1 Sideburns
3 FullShaggy LockBeard
4 Crewcut1 Braidedbeard
5 Brex1 Chinstrap
6 Receeded Goatee
7 PonyTailEpic GoateeEpic
8 Long1 DenseShort
9 DreadlocksEpic (Inaccessible) LongGroomed
10 Afro1 LongGroomedTache
11 Hipster1 Moustache1
12 Spiky and Tail Chevron
13 Messy Fringe Massive w/Moustache
14 Epic Mohawk Massive
15 Tied Dreadlocks