From Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto

Klaus, a human NPC external character mod developed in Hogswild Prasetto's alpha v0.19.2 Bonfire game, was made and written by Sobachkagrr to explore the modern kinks of transformation as well as dad/son roleplay and mild kink - body odor and shame and others.

The mod puts the player slightly outside of the primary game's core purpose by encountering a dosser from a human-only earth in the 1800's. Combining fantasy and sociological motives, the mod guides the player through the role of a mentor, although the brief storyline is singularly aimed toward one outcome and offers no real playability.

The mod attempts to utilize scripting features to allow transformative sexual processes, but due to limitations of the features cause problematic issues with the user's player. Unfixed as of July 1, 2018.

Keywords: dad/boy, love, romantic, transformation, human, man smells, #wishuponanorc

Race Human
Gender Male
Location Void Outback
Known Kinks Romance, TF, Musk, Dad/Boy play
Requires Patch 0.19.2
Created By Sobachkagrr
Core Game No