From Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto
Alignment Evil
Race Orc
Gender Male
Location Outback (Fusion Realm)
Known Kinks
Requires Patch
Created By Hogswild
Core Game Yes

Kurtar, also known as The Beast, is believed to be a corrupt orcish warrior and the initially-presumed main antagonist of Bonfire. The story of the game starts out focusing on defeating him.


Before the Ritual

According to legend:

After Etton, the Night Chief, had Sun Chief Onroig exiled and brought an endless night, a group of orcs under the leadership of the Great Hunter set out to return Onroig and the day.

After realizing their plan, Etton sent his favored servant Kurtar after them with explicit orders to kill the entire hunting party. At some point before or during his mission, he obtained the gift of invulnerability while in darkness.

At some point, the Great Hunter led Kurtar to a secluded place, then walked backwards on his own steps and erased his tracks, making Kurtar lost in darkness, led too far from the bonfire to find the party again.

Prior to the player's ritual session, Chob and several other members of his own tribe also attempted to defeat Kurtar. Despite all working together, however, Kurtar tore the party apart and devoured their souls, save Chob's - instead, he denied him a warrior's death by consuming his body, leaving Chob a disembodied spirit anchored to his totem, forced to relive the memories of his comrades' defeat, unable to do anything without a body.

Sensing his aura about to return, Tharun and the rest of the shamans arranged a ritual involving volunteers from the Southern Wind tribe to enter the Outback and defeat him.

The Ritual

Once the player begins fusing with his fellow ritual participants and igniting their session's bonfires, Kurtar gets progressively closer to their light. Once he reaches the bonfire, he will return to his own orc hunt and slaughter those loyal to Onroig. Each time the player has intercourse with his partners and fuses, it reinforces the ground around the bonfires, but this will only delay Kurtar's return; he must be defeated by the rituals' members, united.


Kurtar is described as a corrupt and evil warrior, the most lascivious and savage of his chief's cohorts, and a formidable foe.

He is extremely cruel and sadistic, having devoured the souls of Chob's comrades and consuming Chob's body, leaving him stranded as an agonized spirit.


  • His name comes from the Turkish word "kurtarmak", meaning "to rescue" or "to release (from a burden)".
    • This compliments Tharun's name, meaning "to gain salvation".
  • A dark figure is located in the empty left room on the second floor of the Inn, completely hidden in shadow. It can be clicked on, but has no dialogue. If the player turns on the nearby lamp to illuminate the corner, the figure disappears, and does not reappear afterwards. This is most likely a manifestation of Kurtar.
  • In previous versions of the game, Kurtar's silhouette was visible it a few cutscenes when a fusion ignites a bonfire, revealing that he has tall horns. however, in recent versions of the game, the cutscenes have been modified so that his avatar is completely invisible except for his eyes.
    • His cartoony rendering and jumpscare head seen in the player's and Bo's fusion sequence lack horns.
    • The possible manifestation encountered in the Inn, although similarly rendered even less visible than before in recent patches, also appeared to lack horns.
      • This shadow is intended to be updated/expanded upon in some way in the next version of the game.