Prime Genie/Levi

From Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto
Prime Genie/Levi
file:Levi v1.png
Alignment Wise
Race Genie (fragment; Magic)
Location Levant Tower
Known Kinks
Requires Patch 0.32.X
Created By Hogswild
Core Game Yes


The Levant Gate Genie, Ward of the East (known as Levi for short) is the Eastern fragment of Magic of the Prime Genie. He can be found inside Levant Tower, contained with an ancient tome; after the player reaches the broken tower and steps into the center, they will be teleported to Levi's location, a small library.

Upon being awoken by the player and released from his tome, he will explain magic and scrolls to them.

Levi is the intelligent and reserved aspect of the Prime Genie. Levi was one of the three aspects of the Prime Genie who suppressed his "younger brother" Eves' desire to spread his Curse, not wanting to see him "flaunting his powers around".


After explaining magic and scrolls to the player, he tells them that he will provide the player with a blank scroll for them to use in exchange for "samples" contained in condoms, one scroll per sample. Upon being given a sample, he will consume it and provide a scroll.

Eves' Curse

If the player approaches him while inflicted with his Curse or has become Geniefied, he will offer the player the option of removing the Curse free of charge - the player's appearance is permanent at this point, but he can prevent it from spreading to NPCs through proximity and intercourse.