From Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto
Alignment Busy, down-to-business
Race Orc
Gender Male
Location Frozen Lake (through archway)
Known Kinks
Requires Patch 0.40.X
Created By Trencalos
Core Game Yes

Aintzira is an old blacksmith orc encountered through the Archway of the Frozen Lake area, located in the South Western Outback.


Before the Ritual

Aintzira is an old orc of 50-60 years or older, who has been a blacksmith for over fifty years.

When the shamans of his Southern Wind tribe arranged a Bonfire Ritual to defeat Kurtar, he was one of several orcs who volunteered.

The Ritual

When he arrived in the Outback, he has lost his memory like most other Ritual participants, save for the knowledge that he was a blacksmith. After finding the Frozen Lake area, he set up a small forge and got to work in the hopes of jogging his memory. However, he is very frustrated that the Outback's fire "feels different", and is not hot enough to make any metal soft enough to shape.

When he is first encountered, he ignores the player and focuses on his smithing. At the mention of Kurtar, his memory immediately returns, and he listens to them. He agrees to immediately help the player defeat Kurtar, but cannot create the necessary weapons for the Ritual participants for the upcoming battle. He agrees to help train the player in swordfighting if they find an old sword for him to sharpen.




  • He is the oldest living orc NPC.
  • "Aintzira" is the Basque word for "lake".

Tutorial on finding Aintzira's sword