From Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto
Alignment Friendly
Race Orc
Gender Male
Location Nearby the starting circle in his own stone circle
Known Kinks
Requires Patch
Created By Hogswild
Core Game Yes

Celik is a nomadic orc and the first one encountered by the player.

The player witnesses him appearing in his stone circle. Upon waking up, he develops a severe headache. Once the player finds a Real Stiff Fruit to cure it, they have intercourse and subsequently fuse, introducing the player to the game's primary mechanics: sex and fusion.


Before the Ritual

Celik is an orc of the Southern Wind tribe/province, specifically of the dangerous and uncharted wilderness area known as the Bush. He has lived as a nomad and hunter for many years, seldom trekking through cities and villages for goods that cannot be obtained otherwise.

Although he has lived alone for some time, he used to live in the Bush with his romantic and hunting partner, Chob. One day, Chob and several other members of his own tribe participated in a Bonfire Ritual in an effort to defeat Kurtar without Celik's knowledge, but they all perished, leaving Celik alone and clueless about what happened to his lover.

Eventually, Celik and several other orcs of the Southern Wind tribe volunteered to participate in the same Bonfire Ritual arranged by the tribe's shamans.

The Ritual

Celik is the first character encountered by the player, in the first stone circle other than their own that they visit. When the player approaches his initially empty circle, he suddenly appears in the sky and floats down to lie unconscious on the stone bed. The player is given different options on how to wake him, from "gently" waking him to taking advantage of his genitals in his slumber. In either scenario, Celik orgasms suddenly and wakes up immediately afterwards.

When he wakes up, he suffers from a severe headache that prevents him from talking much with the player, who suggests finding a Real Stiff Fruit, commonly used by their shaman Tharun for such ailments, to cure it. After finding one and giving it to him, Celik is overwhelmed by the fruit's aphrodisiac side-effects and immediately coerces the player into topping him in intercourse.

If the player reaches a synchronized orgasm with him, they will fuse for the first time and be transported to the bonfire/fusion realm, where they briefly contemplate their combined existence before igniting their first bonfire. They catch a brief glimpse of Kurtar before suddenly unfusing and returning to the Outback.

After this, the player is free to reengage in intercourse with Celik, or discuss his life. He recalls most of his memories as a nomad, but experiences headaches when attempting to recall his partner Chob, as if they are being blocked for some reason.

Celik also mentions wanting to find proper shelter for the coming nightfall, preferably somewhere covered, to which the player can suggest the cave system underneath the Outback's central maze.

The Caves


Chob & Chebik

If the player obtains all three of Chob's cursed Iguapi piercings, heeds his summons, and meets him, they have the option to find another character to host his spirit. Afterwards, if the player has intercourse with Celik and reaches a synchronized orgasm, Celik and Chob's spirit will fuse, creating the permanent fusion Chebik.

As Chebik, they will remember their life together and the details of Chob's disappearance.






  • Celik (also spelled Çelik) is a Turkish name that means "steel".
  • Currently, inviting Celik to the underground cave system has not been implemented.
  • In a previous version of the game, Chob and Chebik's storylines were implemented, but have since been temporarily removed in the current version to be revised and re-implemented in a future patch.

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