Oriol Grundarson

From Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto
Oriol Grundarson
Alignment Friendly, rule-abiding, proud
Race Orc
Gender Male
Location Located near his standing circle near the beehive and lemon consumables.
Quote "Great! In the meantime I will calculate the exact percentage of honey each one of us should get based on who found the nest, the service you do, an-"
Known Kinks
Requires Patch
Created By Hogswild, Alpha0
Core Game Yes

Oriol Grundarson is an accountant orc encountered in the second stone circle, by a tree with a beehive.


Before the Ritual

Oriol is the son and official helper of the Southern Tribe's Chief Grundar, as well as the tribe's official tax collector. Because of his job and personality, he was widely disliked by most of his tribe.

When his tribe's shamans arranged a Bonfire Ritual to defeat Kurtar, he was one of several orcs who volunteered.

The Ritual



Oriol is one to follow the rules of the law to the letter, even when doing so is not necessarily convenient. He is very proud of his position, both as a tax collector and chief's helper, and as the chief's son.

However, while he is professional, he is not very bright, nor is he completely naive nor prudish, as he is the one to suggest he and the player lick the honey off of each other after he destroys the beehive. That said, he is also somewhat shy.




  • Oriol is a Catalan name stemming from the Latin aureus, meaning "golden".
  • Oriol's original surname was "Gundarson", and his father's name was "Gundar". As of later patches, these names have been changed to "Grundarson" and "Grundar", respectively.
    • "Gundar" comes from the Old Norse name "Gunnarr", meaning "warrior".
    • "Grundar" comes from an Icelandic root word that means "shallow", "bottom", or "foundation".
  • After completing his honey quest and subsequently fusing with him, he can be invited to the Bathhouse.