Prime Genie/Eves

From Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto
Prime Genie/Eves
Alignment Indulgent, lustful
Race Genie (fragment; Body-Sculpting)
Location Island (through Evening Gate Archway)
Known Kinks
Requires Patch
Created By Hogswild
Core Game Yes


The Evening Gate Genie, Ward of the West (known as Eves for short) is the Western fragment of Body-Sculpting of the Prime Genie. He can be found through the Evening Gate Archway, contained within a lamp, which can be found on the smaller of the two islands; upon approaching it, an event will be triggered, and he will be released.

Upon being released from his lamp, he can be given to option to explain his origins or to immediately explain what he can do for the player. If given permission by the player, he bestows them with magic armbands that allow the player to request specific transformations from him.

Eves is the indulgent and carnal aspect of the Prime Genie. His desire is to unify everyone under his transformative Curse, but has been unable to do so until now due to his brothers, the other aspects of the Prime Genie, suppressing his desire, believing it to be "insufficient, immoral, or wasteful".

He is called a "younger brother" by Levi.

Eves' Golden Braces


Eves' Curse

Should the player request three transformations from him and agree to help him spread his Curse, the player shall be Cursed. This status is contagious through both intercourse and mere proximity, and will transform nearly all NPCs.

When Cursed, an NPC will go through three stages of transformation - contraction, transformation, and Geniefication. When first inflicted with the Curse, NPCs will question the player about contracting it from them, and describe how they feel as they change.

Upon the first transformation, NPCs' personalities will, as with their appearance, change drastically, generally exposing some subconscious or repressed aspects of themselves that already existed, but were simply not apparent.

After this first transformation, when a Cursed NPC achieves a synchronized orgasm with the player, they will udergo a second and equally permanent transformation - Geniefication, where the NPC becomes a lesser genie like the player can. Upon reaching this stage, the NPC's personality and individuality will disappear completely, and they are rendered a mere convection drone, with the sole desire to spread Eves' Curse. Such NPCs will immediately run to the nearest NPC to Curse them through proximity. NPCs that have reached this stage can only be spoken to once, where they will explain their desire to spread their master's "blessing", and ask the player if they intend to do so as well.

Currently, Geniefication is permanent, and is considered the "bad end" for NPCs. Not all NPCs have dialogue upon being cursed or have an implemented Cursed form. Those that do are:

  • Celik
  • Oriol Grundarson
  • Bo
    • In previous versions of the game, Bo had dialogue upon being Cursed, but had no implemented Curse-transformed form. As of later patches, this dialogue is inaccessible.
  • Bolt Sunder
    • Although Bolt has no dialogue upon being Cursed, when he is Cursed, he immediately disappears. Upon leaving to another area (such as through an Archway) and returning to his usual spot, he has been replaced with his Curse-transformed form. This form's dialogue is incomplete.